Cloud-Managed Networks for Midsize Business

Yes, smart can be simple.

Aruba’s midsize business solutions make it easy for you to set up your network and manage it from anywhere. You get intuitive management, automated intelligence, and robust network security. No special skills required.

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    What is a smart cloud-managed networking solution?

    It’s fast, reliable, and scalable wired and wireless connectivity with complete network visibility, and intelligent management. It’s easy to deploy, has built-in security, and the right tools for collecting and analyzing data.
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    Simple is smart.

    Keeping pace requires an intelligent cloud-managed network that is simple to use. See the features you need to save time and gain a competitive edge.
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    Solve problems. Fast.

    Our cloud-managed networking platform, Aruba Central, helps you identify issues before they become a problem. And while other products only tell you what’s wrong, our solution shows you how to fix it.
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    Smart is managing your network on your own time, anywhere.

    See why Zak Middleton of A.B. May is confident that his network is always up and running with Aruba’s cloud-managed networking solution.
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    What products are right for me?

    The Aruba Networking Product Wizard makes it simple to choose the right solution for your business. Take a quick quiz, and we’ll guide you to the right switches, access points, and management tool. Promise you’ll be done in 2 minutes or less.
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