Aruba SD-Branch Network & Security Solutions

Eliminate the complexity of your SD-WAN/Branch networks.

Aruba’s SD-Branch solution encompasses each element within a branch – WAN, WLAN, wired, and security – to address all of your IT network connectivity needs. IT can now understand the user experience for every location, monitor for traffic that traverses WAN links, and proactively solve end-to-end networking issues.
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    Get a high-level overview of Aruba SD-Branch.

    At ATM Digital, our free online event, we discussed how Aruba SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, wired, and security solutions all work together. We also covered key capabilities and customer deployment use cases.
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    Aruba Central: A cloud-native single pane of glass.

    Cloud apps and IoT devices have disrupted branch management. To keep pace, IT teams gain simple-to-use tools that help automate provisioning and policy enforcement that eliminate the complicated, manual tasks when using legacy LAN and MPLS management solutions.
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    We’re thrilled to be on CRN’s list of the 5 hottest SDN products of 2020!

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    Non-stop branch operations.

    We’ve made deploying a reliable, high performance network across far-reaching locations, like stores, hotels, remote offices, and teleworker locations easy. Aruba’s SD-WAN tools allow IT teams to quickly define, tune, and optimize connectivity across a hybrid WAN of Internet, MPLS, and cellular, without waiting for service providers.
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    SD-Branch Customer Stories

    Verisk Vossing Prime Group Vera Wang Cairo Amman Bank La Receta

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    Zero Trust: adopting branch security.

    With SD-Branch, IT teams are able to embrace a scalable, Zero Trust Security methodology from Edge-to-Cloud. Branch locations are secured using a built-in firewall, dynamic segmentation, and intrusion detection systems and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) that trust no one or thing, inside or outside of the network.
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    SD-Branch Networking Components.

    Icon for Aruba Access Points

    Aruba Access Points

    Secure business-class Wi-Fi connectivity managed from Aruba Central.
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    Icon for Aruba Ethernet Switches

    Aruba Ethernet Switches

    Scalable high-performance wired access managed from Aruba Central.
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    Icon for Aruba Branch Gateways

    Aruba Branch Gateways

    Secure physical and virtual SD-WAN gateways managed from Aruba Central.
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  • Independent Assessment of Aruba SD-Branch and SD-WAN

    Miercom validated the performance and capabilities of the Aruba Software Defined Branch Solution including SD-WAN.
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    Aruba enables store of tomorrow, today

    Drive customer loyalty and accelerate customer acquisition with secure and integrated Aruba, AWS or Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities.
    Read the Retail SD-Branch At-A-Glance

    SD-Branch in Hospitality: Managing Multiple Hotel Properties with One Solution

    Hoteliers are challenged with managing hotel properties across multiple locations. This asset gives an overview of SD-Branch in hospitality, highlighting how the solution can help improve operations, faster services delivery, and enhanced guest experiences.
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    The Connected Bank Branch - Use Cases

    A high level view at use cases that IT is attempting to solve at retail bank branches. Involves Wi-Fi, wired, SD-WAN and security for customer engagement, cost savings, security and the ability to easily facilitate change.
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    Aruba's SD-Branch and real-world benefits

    VP of Business Technology at Prime Group, shares how his Aruba SD-Branch solution, with Aruba Central enhances his IT and business efforts.
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    Key considerations prior to kicking off an SD-WAN project

    Join Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at ZK Research on how a modernized and secure branch network, drives IT agility and improves TCO.
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    Unified Management and Policy Across the Distributed Enterprise

    This document shows how SD-WAN establishes and correlates policy across LAN, WAN and Wireless networks.
    Learn more about SD-WAN policy implementation

    Seamless SD-WAN Orchestration

    This tech brief describes the features and benefits of the Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator.
    Learn more about Aruba SD-WAN orchestration

    Optimizing Software as a Service with Aruba SD-WAN

    This document provides examples of optimizing the performance of SaaS applications (such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.).
    Read the SD-WAN optimization tech brief

    Aruba SD-WAN Dynamic Path Steering with SLA

    This brief describes concepts with examples for DPS.
    Read the Dynamic Path Steering tech brief

    Orchestrating Virtual Gateways in Public Cloud Infrastructure

    This document shows how to orchestrate virtual gateways in public clouds, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    Learn more about virtual gateway orchestration

    Using Aruba SD-WAN with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN

    This deployment guide describes how to deploy Aruba SD-WAN with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN.
    Read the tech brief

    Demo of Aruba SD-Branch with Microsoft Virtual WAN

    See how Aruba Central simplifies connectivity from branch locations to regional Vnets using the Azure Virtual WAN. In a single click, tunnels are orchestrated and routes are automatically propagated between cloud and branch devices at scale.
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    Simplify Connecting Branch Offices to the AWS Cloud

    This ESG Technical Review highlights the benefits delivered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Transit Gateway in conjunction with Aruba SD-Branch.
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    Demo of Aruba SD-WAN with AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager

    See how Aruba Central simplifies connectivity from branch locations to regional VPCs using the AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager. In a single click, tunnels are orchestrated and routes are automatically propagated between cloud and branch devices at scale.
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    Using Aruba SD-WAN-with AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager

    This deployment guide describes how to deploy Aruba SD-WAN with AWS Transit Gateway Manager Service.
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    Aruba SD-Branch: Design and Deployment Guide

    This Aruba Validated Design (AVD) outlines design and deployment information for SD-Branch networks.
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    Aruba SD-WAN Ordering Guide

    View all the part numbers and accessories you will need to order a Aruba SD-WAN.
    Download Ordering Guide

    SD-WAN Use Cases At a Glance

    This SD-WAN At a Glance provides key networking use cases for IT organizations.
    See the top SD-WAN use cases

    Dynamic Segmentation Use Cases At a Glance

    This Dynamic Segmentation At a Glance provides key networking use cases for IT organizations.
    Read more about Dynamic Segmentation

    Protecting the branch from today’s evolving security threats

    This document provides an overview of Aruba’s advanced threat defense capabilities within the Aruba SD-Branch solution.
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    Aruba SD-Branch featured on Networking Field Day 21

    Innovations for Aruba’s SD-Branch, including SaaS Express, SD-WAN Orchestrator and virtual gateways for Microsoft Azure and AWS, work with Aruba SD-LAN Dynamic Segmentation to reduce costs, improve branch security and simplify SD-WAN and SD-LAN network operations.
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    Software-Defined Branch for Dummies

    What is Software-Defined Branch? How is it different from traditional SD-WAN? How does SD-Branch address the increased use of cloud, IoT, and complexity at the branch? Find the smart answers you seek in this free guide.
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