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Increase security, efficiency, and visibility for your campus switching and Wi-Fi infrastructure with HPE Aruba Networking Central, a security-first, AI-powered cloud networking platform ready to elevate your network with simplified operations and proactive insights.

Elevate security and efficiency with AI-powered automation

Free your IT to focus on what's important

As enterprises continue to focus on efficiency, security, and sustainability, they are looking to transform their networks into powerhouses of productivity. With AI-powered automation, IT campus wired and wireless networks can now streamline resource-strapped operations and redefine, reorganize, and revolutionize how their organization works—in a more secure and sustainable way.

Reduce time consuming, manual management

Focus on more strategic initiatives and less time and effort on network design and daily management.

Increase insight into end user and network security

Automate global policy enforcement and get deeper visibility into users, applications, and devices to reduce network vulnerability.

Gain greater control over power consumption

Manage corporate sustainability goals with improved control over and visibility into network environmental impact and cost.

Accelerate and secure with AI-powered automation

Quickly scale to handle any demands and ensure improved security and sustainability with HPE Aruba Networking Central. Across campus, branch, remote, and data center deployments, get proactive insights and alerts delivered through an intuitive, centralized platform to accelerate deployments and strengthen security.

Optimize network operations management

Reduce deployment time and manual management processes while freeing up time for network operators by leveraging HPE Aruba Networking Central together with HPE Aruba Networking CX switches and Wi-Fi access points.

Protect your business with Zero Trust Security

Get deep visibility into users, applications, and devices and leverage automated global policy enforcement— giving access to valuable resources only where and when needed.

Deliver sustainability features and insights

Monitor and control switch and access point power consumption and carbon footprint. AI-powered automation streamlines management while enabling dynamic power optimization and reporting to support sustainability initiatives.

The importance of network automation in enterprise campus and data center environments

Enterprise network operations teams face a growing number of challenges. Remote workers, the need for tighter security integrations, and a lack of visibility across end-to-end networks are making modern IT environments increasingly complex. Join industry experts Bob Laliberte, ESG senior analyst and members of the HPE Aruba Networking CTO team for our on-demand webinar: The importance of network automation in enterprise campus and data center environments.

Work smarter, not harder. Unleash the power of a security-first, AI-powered network to accelerate business outcomes.

Learn how you can meet business requirements, boost user experience, and optimize IT resources by modernizing networks with HPE Aruba Networking Central, CX switches, and Wi-Fi access points.

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