Infosecurity Europe 2018

June 5 - 7, 2018 | London, UK
Booth #B60

Minimise risk. Maximise experience.

How do you strike the balance between security and user experience?
Today, mobile working, instant sharing and global collaboration are the new normal. So how do you get digital transformation right without jeopardising security? It’s a question everyone will be asking at Infosec 2018.

Too much security means less user freedom. Yet unrestricted access leaves you wide open to attack. But they aren’t mutually exclusive: you can enhance security without compromising risk.

Where are you on the security risk spectrum?
The Aruba security health-check tool determines your network security risk level. Where are your weak points and where are threats most likely to strike? Malicious users? Unauthorised devices? Rogue applications? This quick tool gives you the answers.

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The answer: Analytical Security

How can you deliver robust security and also meet the needs of a young, digitally savvy workforce – a workforce that often values user experience over security?

The answer is analytical security that takes a user-by-user approach to assessing risk, all without compromising personal user data or needing to rip-and-replace your existing network security measures.

6 in 10 #GenMobile workers share devices with others, and 1 in 5 don’t have passwords.
Source: Aruba Running the Risk study 2017

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