Aruba + AWS

Visit the HPE booth at AWS re:Invent 2023 to see how Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN enables multi-cloud networking and see a live demo of a SD-WAN on-ramp integration to AWS Cloud WAN

Learn how HPE Aruba Networking is modernizing its container platform with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS), for our EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform

How our technology collaboration benefits you

Together, Aruba and AWS offer solutions, integrations, and services that make it easy for enterprise IT to leverage the cloud.
  • Aruba SD-WAN fabric extends from branch locations into AWS
  • Aruba scalable cloud management solutions are built on AWS
  • Aruba enterprise WAN solutions seamlessly integrate with the AWS backbone
  • Aruba switching supports AWS hybrid cloud deployments

Aruba SD-WAN on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Use the AWS Marketplace and Aruba SD-WAN one-click automation to deploy Aruba EdgeConnect or Aruba Virtual Gateway within AWS VPC, extending the SD-WAN fabric from the branch to workloads and AWS network services.

Automated SD-WAN connectivity to AWS Transit Gateway / AWS Cloud WAN

Aruba’s SD-WAN API integration with AWS Network Manager automates connectivity between the SD-WAN fabric and AWS Transit Gateway and AWS Cloud WAN. Leverage the AWS Cloud WAN to extend SD-WAN network segmentation into the AWS global backbone to connect to VPCs, hosted services, and remote SD-WAN branch locations.

Aruba Central on AWS

Central is a unified cloud-based tool for managing Aruba’s wired, wireless, and SD-Branch networks. A reliable, scalable SaaS service managed by Aruba, Central is built on a Zero Trust framework across multiple AWS regions.

Aruba Orchestrator on AWS

Aruba Orchestrator as a Service (OaaS) is a secure, single-tenant SaaS solution managed by Aruba and hosted on AWS. OaaS enables enterprises to centrally provision, manage, and monitor their Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN on a global basis.

Aruba CX switching for AWS Outposts

Aruba customers can integrate their private, on-premises data center with AWS Outposts using Aruba CX switches, enabling local workloads to communicate with on-prem AWS services over a high bandwidth, low latency, and secure switching infrastructure.

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