Tottenham Hotspur FC - Connected Stadium Case Study

Elevating fan experience to the top of the league with a smart, secure and digital stadium.

Audere est Facere. To Dare Is to Do. It is the motto of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and it is an approach to life the club holds dear. Dream big!

It must also have been a consideration for the designers of Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium. Completed and opened in Spring 2019, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has already been acclaimed as the best football stadium in the world.

The new stadium has a capacity of 62,062, more than 40% larger than Tottenham Hotspur's previous ground, with one huge, single-tier stand holding 17,500 fans.

Transforming the fan experience

In 2018, Tottenham Hotspur broke into the Top 10 of the world's richest football clubs (a Forbes ranking saw their value rise by 17%).

Fireworks above the stadium at dusk

The new stadium is a huge part of Tottenham Hotspur's commercial plans. The stadium is designed to be multi-purpose. The grass pitch slides away to reveal an NFL football pitch, with Tottenham Hotspur planning to host two NFL games a year for the next 10 years. The stadium will also host concerts, conferences and events. It is home to the largest club shop in Europe, and the longest bar in the UK.

Tottenham Hotspur also wants to maximise revenues for every match day. It wants to create a longer, more engaging match day experience, encouraging fans to arrive early and stay longer.

"When you start with a blank piece of paper, and you decide to build a brand new stadium, then you have an opportunity to design and build your technology platform from scratch," says Sanjeev Katwa, Tottenham Hotspur's Head of Technology. "Technology is a key part of the design of this new building, from equipment rooms to cable runs. We're not just bolting on technology - we're making it part of the fabric of the stadium."

From the start of the project, the technology team at Tottenham Hotspur was determined to make the network as important (to the building) as the other key utilities: electricity, water and gas.

The most technologically advanced stadium in the world

Aruba technology is an inherent part of the new stadium with over 22,500 network points installed and 1,228km of network cabling. There are more than 1,670 Aruba access points across the site, from pitch-side to the retail concourses, managed by high availability clusters of Aruba 7240 Mobility Controllers. AirWave Network Management monitors the wireless LAN, while Aruba ClearPass manages SSIDs and network access policies for the public, employees, and partners. In addition, there are nearly 700 Aruba BLE Beacons to provide wayfinding and location-based services, linked with the Tottenham Hotspur mobile app, and supported by the Aruba Meridian Mobile App Platform.

Fans waving a club flag during the football game next to a fan holding up a mobile phone

The farm of HPE servers and storage running critical applications and services are supported by a redundant pair of data centres comprising HPE FlexFabric 12908E switches in the core and over 70 HPE FlexFabric 5940 DC ToR and EoR switches. The stadium connectivity is delivered through over 450 Aruba 3810M Campus Access Switches. The LAN architecture is managed by the HPE Intelligent Management Center platform – IMC.

The connectivity allows for 65% of the crowd to simultaneously stream live video. The design and install were managed and delivered with the support of HPE Pointnext Services and its intelligent-venues and IoT solution expertise.

A game-changer

Katwa says the stadium is a game-changer in terms of the fan experience. "We believe we've transformed how fans feel about coming to a sports venue. We have an infrastructure that is scalable, resilient and secure. What we need isn't something that's right for year one or two. We need a technology platform that scales as we move forward."

The new stadium includes a significant amount of LED signage, public Wi-Fi access, fixed and mobile point of sale, supporting a 100% cashless journey, all connected to the network.

A new, Tottenham Hotspur App is perhaps the most visible difference for fans. The new App offers wayfinding to their seats (or to friends), and even stores match day tickets to be scanned at turnstiles. Naturally, the App is home to a wealth of multimedia content.

Operationally smart

The stadium is also operationally smart. The platform is integrated into the venue's architecture to provide real-time monitoring for preventative maintenance and personalised visitor experiences, including aspects such as temperature and lighting conditions.

The stadium's electrical infrastructure will be monitored constantly from Schneider Electric's remote field services bureau, while the company's product experts will also be on-site to personally monitor the stadium's power infrastructure on match days.

In addition, the network supports over 650 CCTV cameras, door access systems, stadium lighting and elevators. As well as supporting more entertainment-related elements including TV studios, full broadcast capabilities, video galleries, 1800+ IPTV screens, and the largest in-bowl sound system.

Competing for the highest honours

Fans taking pictures or video on mobile phones at the stadium

Most commentators agree the stadium takes Tottenham Hotspur to the next level. It provides a platform from which the club can compete for the highest honours in the game.

Sanjeev Katwa says the Aruba architecture enables the club to continue to keep the fan experience fresh over time.

"We know fans want to be connected at all times," says Katwa. "We can now engage with them at all levels. We challenged Aruba to meet our vision, and we believe the solution we have in place exceeds those expectations."

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