U.S. Government Mobility Solutions

Secure mobility for U.S. Government networks.

Aruba networking and security solutions have been deployed in thousands of federally-validated and policy-compliant wired and wireless networks for major branches of the U.S. Government and Armed Services. Aruba’s solutions enable the use of commercially available mobile devices to securely access networks that handle unclassified, confidential and classified data, all on a single network.


The U.S. Government Embraces Wi-Fi.

Modern enterprise Wi-Fi is certified secure for government use and approved by government policy. Wi-Fi can save agencies money, increase productivity and help attract the best talent.
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Government security certifications and compliance.

Common Criteria EAL-45, FIPS 140-2 Validation, DoD directives 8100.2 and 8420.01, and more.
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NSA-approved Suite B encryption is supported here.

Suite B is a stronger, faster set of encryption protocols and methods that enable commercial mobile devices to be used in government agency networks that handle controlled unclassified, confidential and classified information.
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U.S. Army Travels with Aruba.

­Aruba helps the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard provide secure Wi-Fi that is quick to set up, scalable and cost efficient.
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