What’s your biggest worry?

Legacy networks that weren’t designed for today’s challenges. Management and operational complexity. Rising costs.

Yesterday’s networks can’t handle today’s demands.

Network infrastructure and operations teams have never been more stretched. More remote workers, the rapid growth of IoT connected devices, and a continuing need to provide secure connectivity to services hosted in the cloud and data centres are creating operational complexity.

Network complexity

Today’s networks are often managed in silos, running on different platforms with different operating models across branch, campus, remote locations, and data centres. This increases the chance of network bottlenecks and reduces overall network performance.

Legacy management tools

Multiple vendor tools create highly manual processes and increase the risk of errors, performance issues or downtime, and wasteful rework for IT. There’s also no single source of truth or actionable insights for troubleshooting.

Network demand

Enterprises face an increased demand on the network with bandwidth-hungry applications like high-definition video and AR/VR applications placing pressure on network performance.

Simplify management complexity with Aruba ESP

Aruba’s Unified Infrastructure — a key component of Aruba ESP — simplifies and improves IT operations with a cloud-native single point of control for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN across campus, branch, remote workers, and data centre locations.

End-to-end architecture

Deploy a single architecture from edge-to-cloud, eliminating network constraints with seamless integration across wired, wireless, WAN, and VPN infrastructure.

Simplify management and ops

Boost IT agility and streamline IT operations by handling all workflows from a single, cloud-native dashboard. With self-healing AIOps, you can also automatically surface issues to reduce user incidents by 30x.

Reduce costs

Slash operational costs by reducing errors, rework, on-site visits, and help desk tickets. And with flexible consumption, you can address a range of finance and staffing constraints with NaaS to maximize budgets, free up resources, and improve service delivery without compromising on business goals.

The first enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E solution

Aruba Wi-Fi 6E solutions extend the same Wi-Fi 6 capabilities into the 6 GHz band to allow more capacity, wider channels, and less interference. That means better support for low-latency bandwidth-hungry apps.

The 5 benefits of unifying your network

A unified infrastructure with a cloud-managed network increases IT agility, strengthens security, and makes it possible to improve the user experience from anywhere. Learn the five benefits in Unify Your Network, Accelerate Your Business.

Go from 4+ network management tools to one

64% of enterprises use 4-10 tools to manage their network, creating complexity that hinders business objectives. See how a unified network can bring this down to one, lower TCO, deliver up to 25% higher network capacity, and ensure fewer incidents impacting end users.

Bring cloud-like agility to your network with Aruba Central

Streamline operations, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver experiences that delight end users.

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