Interoperability. It’s just how we operate.

We regularly validate interoperation with popular Wi-Fi devices and other non-Wi-Fi peripherals. Testing covers basic operation, performance validation, roam times and security modes.


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Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
Mobile Device802.11 ModeChipsetOS version
Apple New iPad Pro 2018802.11aciOS 12.1.4
Apple iPad4802.11a/b/g/niOS 6.1.2/7.0.3/7.1.1
Apple iPad3802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM4329iOS 6.1.2/7.0.3
Apple iPad2802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM4329iOS 6.1.2
Apple iPad1802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM4329iOS 4.3.3
Apple iPad Air2802.11a/b/g/n/aciOS 8.3 and iOS 9 beta v2
Apple iPad Air802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom 43XXiOS 6.1.2/7.0.3/7.1.1, MAC OS 10.11 (beta)
Apple iPad Mini3802.11a/b/g/niOS 9.x.x
Apple iPad Mini802.11a/b/g/niOS 7.1.1
Apple iPhone XR802.11ac iOS 12.0.1
Apple iPhone XS Max802.11ac iOS 12.0.1
Apple iPhone XS802.11ac iOS 12.0.1
Apple iPhone X802.11ac iOS 12.1
Apple iPhone 8 Plus802.11ac iOS 12.0.1
Apple iPhone 8802.11ac iOS 11.2.6
Apple iPhone 7 Plus802.11ac iOS 12.0.1
Apple iPhone 7802.11ac iOS 12.0.1
Apple iPhone SE802.11aciOS 11.0
Apple iPhone 6 Plus802.11 a/b/g/n/aciOS 8.2
Apple iPhone 6802.11 a/b/g/n/aciOS 8.2
Apple iPhone 5s802.11b/g/niOS 7.1.1
Apple iPhone 5c802.11b/g/niOS 7.1.1
Apple iPhone 4s802.11b/g/nBroadcom BCM4329iOS 7.1.1
Apple iPhone 4802.11b/g/nBroadcom BCM4329iOS 4.3.3
Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS802.11b/gBroadcom BCM4325iOS 4.3.3
Apple iPod Touch 2G802.11b/gBroadcom BCM4325iOS 4.1
Apple iPod Touch 4G802.11b/g/nBroadcom BCM4329iOS 6.1.3
Apple Macbook 12″ (2015)802.11acMacOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
Apple MacBook Air 802.11n802.11a/b/g/nMAC OS 10.9.2
Apple MacBook Air 802.11ac802.11a/b/g/n/acMAC OS 10.9.2
Apple MacBook Pro 802.11n802.11a/b/g/nMAC OS 10.9.2
Apple MacBook Pro 802.11ac802.11a/b/g/n/acMAC OS 10.9.2
Apple MacBook Air802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4322MAC OS 10.8.2
Apple MacBook Pro802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4322MAC OS 10.6.8
Apple MacBook Pro New802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4331MAC OS 10.8.2
Apple MacBook Pro 2016802.11acMacOS Sierra
Apple MacBook Air802.11ac/11nBroadcom BCM 4360MAC OS 10.8.2
Blackberry RIM Playbook802.11a/b/g/nTI WL1283CPlaybook
Blackberry 9810802.11a/b/g/n Blackberry
Dell Latitude E5410802.11a/b/g/nDell DW1520 (BRCM)Win 7 & Win XP
Dell Latitude E6400802.11b/g/nAtheros AR5BxBWindows 7
Dell Latitude E6400802.11a/g/nDell DW1510 (BRCM)Win 7 & Win XP
Dell Streak802.11 b/g/n Android Ver 2.2
Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130)802.11 abgn/acIntelWindows 8.1 Pro
Google Pixel 3802.11ac Android 9.0.0
Google Pixel G-2PW4100802.11ac, 2ss Android 7.1.1
Honeywell LXE thOR VM1802.11a/b/g/n Windows CE6
Honeywell LXE Marathon802.11a/b/g/n Windows 7 Pro
HTC One M8802.11a/b/g/n/ac Android Version 5.0.2
HTC One M9802.11a/b/g/n/ac Android Version 5.0.1
Motorola Xoom802.11 a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4329Android Version 3.0.1
Nokia E6-00802.11b/g/n Symbian Belle 111.130.0625
Nokia Lumina 610802.11b/g/n Windows Phone 7.5
Samsung Galaxy S10802.11axBroadcom BCM4375B1Android 9.0.0
Samsung Galaxy S10+802.11axBroadcom BCM4375B1Android 9.0.0
Samsung Galaxy S10e802.11axBroadcom BCM4375B1Android 9.0.0
Samsung Galaxy S9802.11acBroadcom BCM4361B2Android 8.0.0
Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge802.11ac, 2ss Android 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy S6-Edge802.11 a/b/g/n/acAndroid Version 5.0.2
Samsung Galaxy S6802.11 a/b/g/n/acAndroid Version 5.0.2
Samsung Galaxy S5802.11 a/b/g/nAndroid Version 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy S4802.11a/b/g/n/acBroadcom BCM 4335Android Version 4.4
Samsung Galaxy S3802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4330Android Version 4.1.1
Samsung Galaxy S2802.11 a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4330Android Version 2.2
Samsung Galaxy XCover 2802.11 b/g/nAndroid 4.1.2
Samsung XCover802.11n Android 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Note 3802.11 a/b/g/nAndroid Version 4.4
Samsung Galaxy Note 2802.11a/b/g/nAndroid Version 4.4
Samsung Galaxy Tab2802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4329Android Version 4.0.4
Samsung Galaxy Tab1802.11a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM 4329Android Version 2.3.3
Microsoft Surface Go802.11acQCA61x4AWindows 10 Pro
Microsoft Surface Pro 3802.11 a/b/g/n/acMarvell Avastar Wireless-AC NIC, Driver Version: 15.68.3073.151Windows 8.1 Pro
Microsoft Surface Pro (1 and 2)802.11a/b/g/nMarvell Avastar 350N 802.11a/g/nWindows 8.1
Microsoft Surface RT (1 and 2)802.11a/b/g/nMarvell Avastar 350N 802.11a/g/nWindows RT 8.1
Nokia Lumia 2520802.11a/b/g/nWindows RT 8.1
Nokia Lumia 1520802.11a/g/n/acWindows Phone 8
Nokia Lumia 925802.11a/g/nWindows Phone 8
Nokia Lumia 930802.11 a/b/g/n/acWindows Phone 8.1
Nokia Lumia 525802.11b/g/nWindows Phone 8
WLAN Chipsets
VendorDeviceDriver VersionOperating System
AtherosAtheros AR938x9.2.1.470Windows 7
AtherosAtheros AR938x9.2.1.470Windows 7
Intel7260ac17.13.1.13Windows 7 Ent SP1/8.1 Ent
Intel7265ac19.0.1.1Win 10/Windows 8.1 Pro
IntelIntel 6300 AGN15.9.2.1, 8, Linux , Windows 8.1
IntelIntel 6200 AGN15.9.2.1Windows 7
IntelIntel 1000 BGN15.9.2.1Windows 7
IntelIntel 6205 AGN15.9.2.1, 7/Windows 8/ Windows 8.1
Intel8260ac19.0.1.1Windows 10
IntelIntel 6230 AGN15.9.2.1Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 8.1
IntelIntel 1030 BGN15.9.2.1Windows 7
IntelIntel 130 BGN15.9.2.1Windows 7
IntelIntel 100 BGN15.9.2.1Windows 7
BroadcomBRCM 9433286.30.95.31, 7, Windows 8.1
BroadcomDell-15105.60.48.35Windows 7
BroadcomDell-15205.60.48.35Windows 7
Voice over Wi-Fi Handsets: Smartphones/Dual-Mode Handsets
Handset Model802.11 ModeProtocolPBX tested with
Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS802.11b/giSIPAvaya SES
Apple iPhone 4802.11b/g/niSIPAvaya SES
Apple ipod Touch 4802.11b/g/niSIPAvaya SES
Blackberry 9700,9000,8900802.11b/g/nBlackberry MVSBlackberry MVS server
Cisco CP-8821802.11 ac, 1sssip8821.11-0-2HEE-10 
Google Nexus One802.11b/gSIPAvaya SES
Google Nexus S802.11b/g/nSIPAvaya SES
HTC Touch802.11b/gSIPAvaya SES
KDDI E02SA802.11b/gSIP (Japan)Brekeke SIP server
Nokia E51802.11b/gSIPAvaya PBX, Asterisk SIP server
Nokia E61802.11b/gSIPAvaya PBX, Brekeke SIP server, Asterisk SIP server
Nokia E61i802.11b/gSIPAvaya PBX, Asterisk SIP server
Nokia E71802.11b/gSIPBrekeke SIP server, Avaya PBX
NTT Docomo F1100802.11a/b/gSIP (Japan)Brekeke SIP server
NTT DoCoMo N902iL802.11b/gSIP (Japan)Avaya PBX, Brekeke SIP server
NTT DoCoMo N906iL802.11b/gSIP (Japan)Brekeke SIP server
Samsung Galaxy S802.11b/g/nSIPAvaya SES
Voice over Wi-Fi Handsets: Single-Mode Handsets
Alcatel Lucent MIPT 310/610802.11a/b/gNOEAlcatel OmniPcx Office communication server
Alcatel Lucent OT8x00802.11a/g/nNOEAlcatel OmniPcx Office communication server
Alcatel Lucent OT 8118/8128802.11a/b/gNOE 
Ascom i75802.11b/gSIP/H323Avaya PBX/Ascom H323 server
Avaya i62802.11b/g/nSIPAvaya PBX
Avaya 3631802.11b/gH323Avaya PBX 5.1
Cisco 7921802.11a/b/gSCCPCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Cisco 7925G802.11a/b/gSCCPCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Cisco 7925EG-EX802.11a/b/gSCCPCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Cisco 7926802.11a/b/gSCCPCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Snom 820 SIPBrekeke SIP server
Polycom 84xx802.11a/b/g/nSIPBrekeke SIP server
Polycom 8020/8030802.11a/b/gSVP/SIPSpectralink Server and gateway
Polycom/Spectralink PTE100/150802.11bSVPSpectralink Server and gateway
Motorola EWP1000802.11a/b/gSIP, SCCPMotorola WSM server (Team VoWlan-SIP) Cisco CUCM (Team Direct)
Motorola EWP2000802.11a/b/gSIP, SCCPMotorola WSM server (Team VoWlan-SIP) Cisco CUCM (Team Direct)
Nortel 2210, 2211, 2212802.11b/gUniSTIMNortel BCM 50
Nortel 6120, 6140802.11a/b/gUniSTIMNortel BCM 50
Unidata WPU 7700(bg)802.11b/gSIPBrekeke SIP server
Vocera B1000/2000/3000 badges802.11b/gVoceraVocera server
Vocera Smartphone802.11a/b/gVoceraVocera Server
Voice over Wi-Fi Handsets: Soft Phones
Soft phones: SJ, XliteSIPAvaya PBX, Asterisk SIP server
Cisco IP communicator soft phoneSCCPCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 7.0
Avaya One-x communicator soft phoneH323Avaya PBX 5.1
Voice over Wi-Fi Handsets: Wired Phones
Cisco 7941/60/61/62/45/75/65/9971SCCP/SIPCME 9.0
AvayaH323/SIPAvaya PBX
Wi-Fi Enabled Barcode Scanners
MakeModelOperating SystemVersion
ZebraOmnii-XT15Windows CE6.0
Zebra-MotorolaMC75AWindows CEVersion 5.2.29299
Zebra-MotorolaMC5040Win Mobile 20034.21 build 14235
Zebra-MotorolaMC7090Win CE5.00.1400
Zebra-MotorolaPDT8146MS PocketPCN/A
Zebra-MotorolaPDT6846Win Mobile 5.04.21 build 14235
Zebra-MotorolaPPT8800wWin CE5.00.1400
Zebra-MotorolaVC5090Win CE5.00.1400
Zebra-MotorolaMC3090Windows CEVersion 5.00
Zebra-MotorolaMC9090GWindows MobileVersion 5.1.478
Zebra-MotorolaPPT8846Microsoft Pocket PCVersion 4.20.0 build 14053
Zebra-MotorolaWT4090Windows CEVersion 5.00
Zebra-MotorolaMK2046Windows CE .NETVersion 4.10 build 908
Zebra-MotorolaSB1B smart Wi-Fi tagEmbedded OS – MSP clientVersion 02.01.28
Zebra-MotorolaMC65Windows Mobile 5.0.2Version-H_3.
Zebra-MotorolaES400Windows Mobile 5.0.2Version-H_3.
Zebra-PsionWorkabout ProWindows CE .NETVersion 5.00
Zebra-PsionPTX 7505Windows CE .NETVersion 5.00
Zebra-PsionPTX 8515Windows CE .NETVersion 5.00
Zebra-PsionPTX NEOWindows CE .NETVersion 5.00
HoneywellDolphin 9900Windows Mobile 6.0Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 9700Windows Mobile 6.0Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 9700-LOPWindows Mobile 6.0Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 7800Windows Mobile 6.5Version 6.5
HoneywellDolphin 6500Windows Mobile 6.0Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 6100-LPWindows Mobile 6.0Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 99exlgWindows 6.6 classicVersion 5.3
HoneywellLXE MarathonWindows 7 Professional 
HoneywellLXE thOR VM1Windows CE 6.0 
HoneywellDolphin 7800Windows Mobile 6.5Kernel Version: 36.03
HoneywellDolphin 70eAndroid Version 4.0.3Kernel Version: 2.6.37
HoneywellDolphin 70eWindows Mobile 6.5Kernel Version: 40.03
HoneywellDolphin 6110MPWindows Handheld 6.5.301.00.0.2
HoneywellDolphin 60sWindows Handheld 6.501.00.0.1
IntermecCK70/71Windows MobileVersion 6.5
IntermecCN70eWindows Mobile6.5
IntermecCN2BMicrosoft Pocket PC4.20.0
IntermecCK61Windows Mobile
IntermecCK31Windows CE .NET4.2.0[2]
IntermecCN3Win Mobile
JANAMXM60WWindows CE 5.0Build 1400
External Wi-Fi Adapters
Wi-Fi Adapter802.11 ModesChipsetDriver Version
3COM 3CRWE154G72802.11 b/gN/A2.1.13.0
Air magnet Wireless PC Card802.11 a/b/g/nAtheros C10607.7.0.406
AirMagnet Wireless PCMCIA Card model C1060802.11 a/b/g/nAtheros AR900x7.6.0.239
Buffalo WLI-CB-AG300N PCMCIA802.11 a/b/g/nMarvel3.1
Buffalo WLI-UC-G300N802.11b/g/nBuffalo G300N1.20.0.1
D-Link AG650802.11 a/b/gN/A1.2.0.1
Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N Express Card WEC600N802.11 a/b/g/nBroadcom BCM20554.150.31.0
Linksys WPC55AG802.11 a/b/gN/A2.3.2.4
Linksys WUSB600N Dual-Band802.11 a/b/g/nRalink RT28701.4.0.10
Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N USB Adapter802.11 a/b/g/nAtheros WNDA31003.0.0.131
Netgear W511T Wireless PC Card802.11 b/g/nMarvel2.1.4.3
Netgear WAG511802.11 a/b/gN/A2.4.1.130
Netgear WNDA3100802.11 a/b/g/nAtheros AR900x3.0.0.122
Netgear A6200802.11ac/802.11abgnBroadcom BCM43XACD_NT616.30.145.30
D-Link DWA-182802.11ac/802.11abgnBroadcom BCM43XACD_NT616.30.145.30
Buffalo WL-U2-866D802.11ac/802.11abgnBroadcom BCM43XACD_NT616.30.61.25
Video Servers & Clients
Video ServerVersionCodecVideo Client/Version
Windows Media ServerMedia Server 9WMVIE 8 / media player 12.0.7600.16415
Windows Media ServerWindows Media 2008WMVIE 8 / media player 12.0.7600.16415
Vfurnace / Makito F-290-15.2.0H.264Instream 5.2.0 / VLC 1.0.5
Vbrick – 42004.4.0bWMVVLC / 1.0.5
Vbrick – 43004.4.0bMpeg2VLC / 1.0.5
Vbrick – 43004.4.0bMPeg4VLC / 1.0.5
Vbrick – 7102 H-HD2.1.0aH.264VLC / 1.0.5
VLC1.0.5Mpeg2VLC / 1.0.5
VLC1.0.5Mpeg4VLC / 1.0.5
VLC1.0.5WMVVLC / 1.0.5
VLC1.0.5H.264VLC / 1.0.5
Other Wi-Fi Devices
Make/ModelDevice ModelOperating SystemDriver Version
Zebra Mobile PrinterQLn320Link OS 5.2 
Zebra Mobile PrinterZQ620Link OS 5.2 
Zebra Mobile PrinterQL220Embedded OSV79.50
Zebra Mobile PrinterRW220Embedded OSV90.14
Zebra Mobile PrinterMZ320Embedded OS 
Zebra Mobile PrinterQL320+Embedded OS 
HP Conference Room PCHP Elite SliceWindows 10 Pro19.30.0.4
STANLEY Healthcare (formerly AeroScout)Tags, Engine, MobileView, Exciters, etc.AeroScout Engine running on Windows 2003Engine v3.2
EkahauT301a, T301b tags, EPE, ESS, VisionEPE Running on Windows XP or Windows 2003 ServerN/A
Axis wireless cameraM1031-w  
4G Modem
4G Modem MakeCarrierRAPsIAPsGatewaysComments
Inseego SC4AAT&Txxx
Inseego SC4VVerizonxxx
ZTE MF861AT&Txxx
Franklin Wireless U772Sprintxxx
Huawei 3372h-153/ Huawei 3372s-153Rest of the Worldxxx
Huawei E8372Rest of the Worldxxx
Huawei K5160Rest of the Worldxxx 
Huawei 3276-150Rest of the Worldxxx 
ZTE MF79SRest of the Worldxxx 
ZTE MF823Rest of the Worldxxx 
ZTE MF831Rest of the Worldxxx 
ZTE MF832SRest of the Worldxxx 
ZTE MF832URest of the Worldxxx 
ZTE MF825CRest of the Worldxxx 
Inseego (Novatel) U620LVerizonReplaced by U730L
Netgear 340UAT&TReplaced by ZTE MF861
Netgear 341USprintReplaced by U772
Huawei K5150Rest of the WorldReplaced by K5160

* “Rest of the World” means the 4G modem has applications outside of United States. However, it does not mean it is supported/tested across all carriers in various countries. A select few carriers and countries are supported. For specifics, please enquire.

USB Connected Peripherals For 6xx Controllers: Printers
HPHP Deskjet 6988 Printer HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP HP Officejet Pro L7590 All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier HP LaserJet P3005 HP Color LaserJet CP3505
LexmarkX7675 Professional T640 C534dn
USB Connected Peripherals For 6xx Controllers: Disks
SeagateSeagate FreeAgent Pro – hard drive – 1 TB – Hi-Speed USB/eSATA/FireWire Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus – hard drive – 500 GB – Hi-Speed USB/FireWire
Western DigitalMy Passport Essential WDME3200 – hard drive – 320 GB – Hi-Speed USB
IomegaIomega eGo Desktop hard drive – 1 TB – Hi-Speed USB Iomega Desktop Hard Drive hard drive – 320 TB – Hi-Speed USB
Kingston DigitalKingston DataTraveler 100 – USB flash drive – 2 GB Kingston DataTraveler 100 – USB flash drive – 4 GB Kingston DataTraveler 100 – USB flash drive – 8 GB
SanDiskSanDisk Cruzer Micro – USB flash drive – 2 GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro – USB flash drive – 8 GB
USB Connected Peripherals For 6xx Controllers: USB Modems
VerizonNovatel U727 Kyocera KPC680
SprintNovatel U727 Compass 597
AT&TUSBConnect Quicksilver USBConnect Mercury
VerizonPantech UML290 (LTE)
802.1X Supplicants
Window Native ClientXP SP1, XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7
Funk Odyssey Manager2.28
Mac OS X Native Client (PEAP, TTLS, TLS, LEAP, Wired and Wireless)10.4 and Above, Intel Build 10.4.6
Mac OS X LEAP Client10.4
Meetinghouse AEGIS ClientAEGIS Client 1.2.1 Running on Mac OS X 10.2.8
Intel PROSet/Wireless Client (AEGIS Supplicant)Intel Client
RADIUS Servers
RADIUS ServerVersion
Microsoft Network Policy Server (NPS)Win 2008 NPS
Microsoft IASWin 2000 Server SP4, Win Server 2003 SP1, Win 2008 Server
Cisco ACS3.2, 3.3, 4.2
Funk Odyssey Server2.01
Funk SBR4.5
LDAPWin 2008
Open Idap2.4.23
Clearpass5.x and above

SFP, SFP+, and XFP Transceiver Modules
Aruba SFP ModuleAruba Approved ManufacturerAruba Approved Part NumberUsed By
SFP-TXDelta Electronics, Inc.LCP-1250RJ3SR650, 3000, M3, S3500, S2500, S1500, 7200
 FinisarFCLF8521P2BTL7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFCLF8521P2BTL-BA7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
SFP-SXOclaroTRF2716AALB5657010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLF8519P3BNL7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLF8519P3BNL-BA7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 AvagoAFBR-5715PZ7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
SFP-LXOclaroTRF5736AMLB565S3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLF1318P3BTLS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLF1318P3BTL-BAS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
 AvagoAFCT-5715PZS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
SFP-EXFinisarFTLF1621P1BCLS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
 FinisarFTLF1621P1BCL-BAS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
SFP-ZXFinisarFTLF1721P2BTLS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
 FinisarFTLF1721P2BTL-BAS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
Aruba SFP+ ModuleAruba Approved ManufacturerAruba Approved Part NumberUsed By
SFP-10GE-LRMFinisarFTLX1371D3BCLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLX1371D3BCL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
SFP-10GE-SROpNextTRS2001EN-0065S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 AvagoAFBR-709ASMZS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLX8574D3BCLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLX8574D3BCL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
SFP-10GE-LROpNextTRS5020EN-S0027200, S3500, S2500
 FinisarFTLX1471D3BCLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 FinisarFTLX1471D3BCL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 OclaroTRS5021EN-S001S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 OclaroTRS5021EN-SL01S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 AvagoAFCT-701ASDZS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
SFP-10GE-ERFinisarFTLX1671D3BTLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
 FinisarFTLX1671D3BTL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
 FinisarFTLX1672D3BTLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
SFP-10GE-ZRFinisarFTLX1871D3BNL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
 FinisarFTLX1871D3BNLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
DAC-SFP-10GE-50CMMolex747521051S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 Accton Technology2610123S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
DAC-SFP-10GE-1MMolex747529991S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 Accton Technology2610124S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
DAC-SFP-10GE-3MMolex747529992S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 Accton Technology2610125S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
DAC-SFP-10GE-5MMolex747529993S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
 Accton Technology2610126S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
DAC-SFP-10GE-7MMolex747529994S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
 Accton Technology2610127S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Aruba XFP ModuleAruba Approved ManufacturerAruba Approved Part NumberUsed By
XFP-LRFiberxon, Inc.FTM-33X1C-X10GM3