Next Generation HPE Aruba Networking Central

Maximize IT efficiency and streamline network operations with an intuitive, AI-powered experience for Day 0 to Day N management.

Network operations challenges

Ensuring network availability, performance, and security to deliver superior experiences poses challenges:
  • Skill shortages for cloud, AI, and automation places greater pressure on a small group of domain experts
  • Growing volume and variety of data sources leads to data inconsistencies and makes manual analysis impractical
  • Siloed management of wired, wireless, and WAN leads to network complexity and greater risk of human errors
  • Limited endpoint visibility with rapid IoT adoption leads to increased cybersecurity risk

Network operator experience is pivotal

Empower personnel across skill levels to maximize productivity, simplify operations, and reduce support costs.

Unlock the value of data

Scalable and efficient processing makes data accessible, organized, near real-time, and insightful. This enables intuitive visualizations and powerful troubleshooting mechanisms that transform operator interaction with the network.

Reduce Mean Time to Resolution

Industry-first time travel generates a holistic snapshot of the network at a particular point in time to accelerate troubleshooting. Near real-time, AI-powered insights that span clients, wired, wireless, WAN, security, and applications offer precise root cause, recommendations, and impact.

Streamline Day 0 to Day N operations

Configuration workflows are designed to reflect business intent and are unified across access points, switches, and gateways for operational simplicity. 100% API support enables seamless integration with other HPE Aruba Networking or 3rd-party solutions.  

Amplify unified cloud-managed networking

As the management and orchestration console for Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), Central unifies the management of wired and wireless LANs, WANs, and VPNs across campus, branch, remote, and data center locations. It is integrated with HPE GreenLake, enabling IT executives to view and manage their compute, storage, and networking infrastructure from a single platform.

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AI-powered, operator-centric experience to maximize productivity

Exploratory ‘solar system’ view

Entity-centric view that better represents complex networks, reducing manual correlation and enabling quicker discovery.

Industry-first network time travel

Jump back in time for a holistic snapshot that includes operational status, configurations, events, and performance.

Sunburst topology views

Powerful visualization for networks of any scale with each ring representing a level of hierarchy.

Assurance indicators

Algorithmically determined ‘device health’ and ‘client experience’ with precise root-cause for faster first-level triage.

Near real-time AI-powered insights

Full-stack insights for wired, wireless, and WAN generated in minutes to quickly alert IT teams.

AI-powered client profiling

First-of-its kind agentless, AI-powered profiling with up to 99% accuracy, based on fingerprints of over over 200 million endpoints.

Natural language aided AI Search

Built in AI-powered search understands user intent and delivers dynamic suggestions including setup and navigation guidance.

Flexible configuration

Unique, multi-level hierarchy to flexibly address configuration use cases of any-sized network.

Device-agnostic configuration workflows

Designed to reflect business intent and unified across APs, switches, and gateways for operational simplicity.

Empower L1 support to solve more problems

Device health and client experience assurance indicators enable rapid first-level triage. They point the help desk or IT staff in the right direction, eliminating guesswork and reducing dependency on domain experts.

Troubleshoot client connectivity issues faster

Don’t let intermittent connectivity issues drive up support costs. Time travel offers an accurately correlated network snapshot for up to 7 days with one-minute granularity. Move beyond cumbersome packet capture analysis with the power of next generation Central.

Easily assess the impact of a configuration change

Empower network engineers to build and modify configurations with confidence. Sunburst topology offers scalable visualizations to easily assess the structure of large and complex networks, minimizing errors and downtime.

Next Generation Central Dashboard

Toggle View

Seamlessly switch between classic and new Central experience

Entity-centric Solar System

Intuitive network navigation anchored around the focal entity for quick discovery

Blended Indicators

Consolidated depiction of severity to assess need for immediate action

Industry-first Time Travel

Jump back in time for an accurately correlated snapshot of the network in one click

Dynamic Information Panels

Contextually summarized view based on the focal entity in solar system view

Next Generation Central Dashboard

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