Say goodbye to VPN, for good

Zero Trust meets seamless end user experience. We’re actively helping enterprises replace VPN with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Nearly 60% of teams are seeking an alternative to VPN.

VPN was not designed for today’s hybrid workforce

The growth of remote and hybrid work, while great for digital transformation, has created never before seen challenges for secure access. 96% of organizations still use a VPN services, despite their obvious limitations:
  • 92% are concerned that VPN will jeopardize their environment’s security
  • 81% are dissatisfied with their VPN experience
  • 56% are considering a remote access alternative to traditional VPN

ZTNA: Secure remote access for the modern workplace

IT leaders are replacing VPN with ZTNA so they can securely connect their modern workplace—comprised of hybrid workers, cutting-edge devices, and hybrid cloud environments—to the applications that matter most to their business.

Universal access becomes simple

Whether at home or the office, users need consistent, fast access to all business resources.

Faster access speeds

Boost productivity and reduce traffic latency by automatically routing traffic on the fastest and most optimal path to the requested resource, without user or IT intervention.

Reduced attack surface with Zero Trust

Hide private resources from the internet and keep unauthorized users off the network with least-privileged access.

Reduce management overhead

Make life easier and eliminate VPN and the whole inbound security stack. Deploy, manage, and scale remote access with a single interface to manage all policies, apps, devices, users, data, and more.

VPN vs. ZTNA: Comparing architectures


  • Creates poor user experience due to repeated logins
  • Backhauls traffic to the data center, inhibiting productivity
  • Relies on inherent trust that allows employees and third parties onto the corporate network, increasing security risk
  • Has an infrastructure that is exposed to threats such as ransomware
  • Uses network segmentation that is complex to manage


  • Creates a seamless experience with IDP integrations and always-on design
  • Provides brokered access to authorized business resources across 500 global edge locations
  • Allows users to access apps without giving access to the corporate network—decreasing risk
  • Hides private resources from the internet and ensures that users cannot see apps for which they are unauthorized—increasing security
  • Allows easily managed access with per application-level segmentation

Experience the advantages of ZTNA

Provide fast, secure remote access to business applications without the pitfalls of VPN. With ZTNA, easily scale access to any user, from any device, without increasing business risk.

Employ policy-based access that auto-adapts  based on  context

Secure access to any private app including web, VOIP, ICMP, and even AS400

Offer agentless access for a completely seamless end user experience (SSH, RDP, Git, TB, etc.)

Ensure visibility throughout the entire access session

Inspect traffic to track user activity, view detailed logs, and ensure compliance

Manage the entire environment with a single, intuitive UI

"I would give it [HPE Aruba Networking SSE] an A+ for securing access to our applications, devices, and network. It does an extremely good job. Our security folks have analyzed it and tried to find loopholes, but they found none."

Robert Oglesbee, Solution Architect at Visionworks of America

“At The Parts Authority, our mission is to embrace Zero Trust in a way that enables our employees to securely access the data they need to get work done. With the [HPE Aruba Networking SSE] platform, not only do we get the control we need, but we’re able to deliver a user experience that our employees appreciate.” 

Josh Gomez, Director of IT, The Parts Authority

“What we like about Axis [HPE Aruba Networking SSE] is that it's easy to use Zero Trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to resources, give security teams the visibility needed, and ensure that we can easily scale to support our modern workplace. Now, even as we embrace the cloud, we can still ensure our data is always accessed safely.”

Joshua Danielson, CISO, Copart

“I am excited to work with Axis [HPE Aruba Networking SSE] on defining our next-generation Secure Service Edge.”

Tom Parker, VP of IT & CISO, Kayak