Connect and protect all users and things—and control operational expense

No-compromise networking and security at the edge

EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Architect an advanced secure SD-WAN edge that delivers maximum application performance and security at the branch.

EdgeConnect SD-Branch

Consolidate branch networking components for maximum integration across WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN.

EdgeConnect Microbranch

Ideally suited for microbranch or work-from-home sites, using a range of remote APs.


Secure connectivity to private apps with least privilege access.


Secure access to the Internet and protect against malicious online threats.


Secure access to SaaS applications and protect against data loss.


Monitor user performance and troubleshoot user access issues for all traffic.

No-compromise networking and security at the edge

Everyone wins with HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE

The benefits of unified SASE extend to financial and procurement directors, operations directors, human resource executives, and ESG and legal teams.

Financial and procurement directors

To make cost savings and to drive better value from investments in mission-critical infrastructure, unified SASE brings consolidation by unifying networking and security functions under one vendor and one contract.

Operations directors

For improved employee productivity and fewer interruptions to business-as-usual, unified SASE delivers a double assurance because network and security are managed on a single platform.

Innovation directors

Innovation is more potent when built and developed on a robust foundation of simplicity and predictability. Unified SASE removes the complexities to innovation to optimize cross-functional collaboration.

Human resource directors

Unified SASE protects people from security threats wherever they work. It also offers them the reassurance that they are working with predefined policies and with the correct permissions.

Legal and ESG directors

Unified SASE will play a pivotal role in minimizing external and internal attack vendors—an absolute requirement for compliance with many governmental and industry regulations.

HPE Aruba Networking leads at the edge

HPE Aruba Networking leads at the edge

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