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High-performing organizations are more likely to deploy Zero Trust and SASE architectures

*Ponemon Institute 2023 Global Study on Closing the IT Security Gap: Addressing Cybersecurity Gaps from Edge to Cloud

Gartner® 2024 Strategic Roadmap to SASE Convergence

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SASE journeys from around the world

“HPE Aruba Networking SSE provides us with the cybersecurity protections for creating a powerful unified SASE platform that helps advance our cloud-first goals.”

Michael Keller, Director of Information Technology, Bethesda Health Group

“EdgeConnect not only finds the best available path to keep us operating, but we also have the leverage to hold carriers accountable for their service levels. It’s been outstanding.”

Mark Taylor, Network Manager, USANA Health Sciences

“What we learned in the last few years is that we can never trust the person at the keyboard. So a Zero Trust policy has really enabled us to question every step of the way.”

Khaled Tawfik, CIO, City of San Jose

“If we had to put firewalls in every location, that would mean manual deployments and a lot more devices to configure and manage. Instead, we can create a firewall template and deploy it in a few clicks or taps. It’s as simple as that.”

Eric Hubbard, Infrastructure Technology Manager, Republic Bank

10 reasons CxOs are adopting SASE for hybrid work

SASE is not just a technology—it’s a strategic advantage for CxOs in the digital era.

Everyone wins with HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE

The benefits of unified SASE extend to financial and procurement directors, operations directors, human resource executives, and ESG and legal teams.

Financial and procurement directors

To make cost savings and to drive better value from investments in mission-critical infrastructure, unified SASE brings consolidation by unifying networking and security functions under one vendor and one contract.

Operations directors

For improved employee productivity and fewer interruptions to business-as-usual, unified SASE delivers a double assurance because network and security are managed on a single platform.

Innovation directors

Innovation is more potent when built and developed on a robust foundation of simplicity and predictability. Unified SASE removes the complexities to innovation to optimize cross-functional collaboration.

Human resource directors

Unified SASE protects people from security threats wherever they work. It also offers them the reassurance that they are working with predefined policies and with the correct permissions.

Legal and ESG directors

Unified SASE will play a pivotal role in minimizing external and internal attack vendors—an absolute requirement for compliance with many governmental and industry regulations.

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