Cloud Networking

It’s time to think differently about managing your network.

Organizations today are shifting to cloud solutions to increase scale, drive agility, and speed the delivery of new services. Cloud networking is helping IT teams are address growing work from anywhere plans, travel restrictions and budget demands. It’s the key to building a next generation network architecture. Read the Solution Overview


What is cloud networking?

When it comes to managing a network you may hear cloud networking, or cloud-managed, cloud-based or cloud-native references. It can get confusing so we’ve created a video that outlines the basics. The key is that you gain the ability to manage Wi-Fi, wired and SD-WAN network infrastructure from a next-gen cloud-based management solution.
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Aruba Central

When looking at cloud networking or a cloud-based management solution, administrators must consider zero touch provisioning flexibility, AI-powered troubleshooting and optimization features, security and always-on capabilities. Aruba Central offers this and more.
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Real-time innovation and bug fix update

One of the main advantages of using cloud networking is that the software update process for core management features is done for you. New features and functionality are continuously developed and automatically delivered, allowing IT to focus on introducing new services, instead of planning for downtime. But you control when new software is applied to infrastructure devices.


The power to grow

Cloud services make it ideal for utilizing advanced technologies such as AI/ML analytics solutions as Aruba manages compute and storage capacity. And a cloud subscription model makes it easier to implement new technology that may have been resource or cost prohibitive.