Networking products for growing businesses

Your growing small-midsize business needs a high-performance, secure networking solution that can start small and scale with you.

Overview of Aruba’s growing business portfolio

Aruba access points, switches, and gateways eliminate bottlenecks and allow you to deploy and manage high-speed networks.
  • Best-in-class security: Strengthen defenses with advanced security powered by Aruba gateways and services that keep your data and devices safe.
  • Reliable network performance: Boost productivity with access points and switches that speed up connectivity.
  • Flexible scalability: Bring it all together on a single screen with adaptable hardware and unified network management — no matter how many offices you manage.

Secure gateways

Aruba gateways are powerful, providing robust network security and resiliency for users across multiple branches and growing campus networks, whether they’re connecting through wired, wireless, or WAN networks.

Aruba gateway

9000 Series

If you’re looking for high-performance networking, SD-WAN, and security functionality in compact and cost-effective form factors, the Aruba 9000 series is the right choice for you.
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Cloud-managed stackable switches

Get the speed, scalability, and reliability you need—whether you’re connecting IoT, access points, or other devices in branch offices and midmarket businesses.

Aruba switch series

Aruba CX 6000 Series

Bring simple, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity to the edge of your network with the CX 6000 series. These Layer 2 switches are ready for quick deployment with plenty of PoE to safely connect and power your access points, client devices, and IoT.
Aruba switch series

Aruba CX 6100 Series

Upgrade the edge of your network with the CX 6100 series for reliable connectivity and 10 GbE uplinks. These Layer 2 switches are quick to deploy, provide faster performance, and send plenty of PoE to power connected devices.
Aruba switch series

Aruba CX 6200 Series

The CX 6200 series adds 8-member stacking, Layer 3 switching, onboard analytics with NA, and a bigger PoE power budget. Get ready-to-use high-speed uplinks and unparalleled troubleshooting, visibility, and insights for your business.
Aruba switch series

Aruba CX 6300 Series

With modern, flexible, and intelligent stackable switches, the CX 6300 series supports your business at its core and as it scales. Get high-performance multi-gigabit connectivity, 60 watts of always-on PoE, and onboard analytics for fast problem-resolution.
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High-speed Wi-Fi 6 access points

Power end-to-end coverage for your business with Wi-Fi 6 certified Aruba APs that deliver smart, secure, and seamless connections whether indoors, outdoors, or remote.

Aruba access points

Aruba 500 Series Indoor APs

For indoor spaces like retail stores and medical clinics, the 500 series offers simple and secure wireless connectivity.
Aruba access points

Aruba 510 Series Indoor APs

For medium-density indoor spaces like offices and classrooms, the 510 series is made to support fast and secure wireless connectivity.
Aruba access points

Aruba 530 Series Wi-Fi 6 Campus APs

For high-density indoor spaces like hospitals and main business campuses, the 530 series delivers secure, high-performance, multi-user wireless connectivity.
Aruba access points

Aruba 560 Series Wi-Fi 6 APs

For reliable connectivity in challenging outdoor environments, the Aruba 560 series is able to withstand extreme temperatures, persistent moisture, and airborne contaminants.
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What’s the right network solution for me?

What’s the right network solution for me?

In less than two minutes, we’ll show you the ideal combination of switches, access points, and management for your SMB.

How Aruba Central works for growing businesses

Aruba Central is a cloud-native management solution designed to help you quickly deploy, monitor, and maintain your network, end –to end.

Single-pane-of-glass management

Monitor and manage your entire network across multiple locations, all from one unified dashboard.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Enable plug-and-play deployment for new network equipment by creating configuration templates or using GUI-based menus to apply common settings.

Optimize network performance

View detailed analytics and use AI-powered tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and continually improve performance.

Accelerate routine tasks

Create step-by-step guided workflows for common tasks, like new device onboarding, to reduce repetitive effort and save time.

Support you can count on

With Foundation Care for Aruba, product experts and Technical Assistance Center engineers are available 24x7x365 — from the support portal and over the phone.

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