Sustainability at Aruba – innovating today for a better tomorrow

IT efficiency is synonymous with sustainable IT operations. A well-designed network using intelligent solutions and lifecycle management will help reduce your carbon footprint and support your sustainability goals.

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A modern network helps you optimize resources and lower power consumption

Addressing environmental challenges one customer at a time

Aruba helps you reduce the carbon emissions of IT operations and help you confront:
  • Rising energy prices
  • Increasing governmental requirements and societal pressures for carbon emissions reduction and reporting
  • The impact of extreme weather events on businesses and communities
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The path to sustainability

Aruba can help you combat sustainability challenges and enable you to transform and modernize – sustainably. Aruba follows HPE’s pathways to sustainability.

Sustainable Transformation

Aruba offers a holistic framework to craft the right network architecture to maximize your IT efficiency, lower power consumption, and support your business transformation.

With GreenLake for Aruba, you’ll get the best network design to maximize your IT efficiency, lower your carbon footprint, and support your digital transformation journey.

Operational efficiency and visibility

Operational efficiency and visibility are achieved through sustainable innovation to reduce energy consumption, lower your carbon footprint, and optimize infrastructure utilization.

Aruba applies environmental design principles, champions innovative features such as intelligent power management and AI automation, and fosters extended use cases that will help further improve your sustainability profile.

Full asset lifecycle management

The circular economy is created by extending the life of assets, consolidating infrastructure, and upcycling assets.

Did you know that roughly 85% of the material returned to Aruba is refurbished for a second life and the remainder responsibly recycled?

Take advantage of HPE’s IT asset lifecycle solutions to help you reclaim asset value, simplify lifecycle management activities, and create circularity for your business.

Build the smart campus of the future

Keele University facilitates new forms of research and industry collaboration, accelerates smart campus features to reduce energy use and optimize resources, and safely opens its network to community users.

Propel sustainable innovation

Aruba partnered with Purdue University to launch a new digital agriculture program to find more effective ways to sustainably grow nutritious, healthy, and abundant food for a hungry planet.

Create sustainable events

Montpellier Events adopted a unified network architecture to support new digital applications, establishing a modern digital-first environment capable of hosting hybrid events.

HPE - a global leader in sustainability

As part of HPE, our customers benefit from over 30 years of global leadership in sustainability with many industry firsts to our credit.

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Ranked as leader in corporate sustainability by leading analysts

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Ready to build your sustainable future?

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