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Aruba Location Services Specialist (ALSS)

Validate that you can design, develop and deploy Meridian based applications with Aruba Beacons for location aware applications.

Why earn this certification?

  • Position yourself as a professional developer of location and non-location aware Meridian powered applications and location solutions
  • Demonstrate your ability to design and deploy applications using the Meridian cloud based Appmaker platform
  • Enhance your career as an Aruba Certified Engagement and Analytics Professional


Typical candidates for this certification are networking IT professionals or technical marketing professionals looking for technical certification in Aruba Engagement and Analytics.

Skill level: Professional


Candidates must pass the Aruba Location Services Specialist certification exam on PearsonVUE.

Recertification Path

The Aruba Location Services Specialist certification is valid for two years from date achieved.

To recertify you must pass the current exam on PearsonVUE before the expiration date.

Upgrade Paths

There are no upgrade paths for this certification.

Learning Resources

This certification validates that you can:

  • Understand the Meridian product line and Aruba Location solutions
  • Understand how to design and deploy Aruba Location solutions with Aruba location and proximity beacons
  • Describe Meridian Appmaker and SDK, maps and app content creation
  • Configure and monitor Aruba Beacons using remote beacon management
  • Identify the need for ALE and third party analytics
  • Troubleshoot Beacon deployments and campaigns
  • Integrate Aruba location services with ClearPass

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