Aruba Location Services Specialist (ALSS)

Validate that you can design, develop and deploy Meridian based applications with Aruba Beacons for location aware applications.

Why earn this certification?

  • Position yourself as a professional developer of location and non-location aware Meridian powered applications and location solutions
  • Demonstrate your ability to design and deploy applications using the Meridian cloud based Appmaker platform
  • Enhance your career as an Aruba Certified Engagement and Analytics Professional

This certification validates that you can:

  • Understand the Meridian product line and Aruba Location solutions
  • Understand how to design and deploy Aruba Location solutions with Aruba location and proximity beacons
  • Describe Meridian Appmaker and SDK, maps and app content creation
  • Configure and monitor Aruba Beacons using remote beacon management
  • Identify the need for ALE and third party analytics
  • Troubleshoot Beacon deployments and campaigns
  • Integrate Aruba location services with ClearPass

Questions about training?