E-Rate Eligibility/Global Service Substitution

Note: This tool currently supports hardware and software product SKUs only.
E-rate Eligibility on Support SKUs: Eligibility for support is detailed in the Eligible Services List under Category Two, Basic Maintenance of Eligible Broadband Internal Connections. First year NBD exchange SKUs have the same eligibility as the product that it covers. Multi-year support SKUs need to be cost-allocated. All other service SKUs may require further cost – allocation. Please email erate@hpe.com; provide the service SKU and product SKU it supports to obtain cost allocation guidance.

PLEASE NOTE: Support must be listed on the controlling FCC Form 470 under Category Two Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections, and applied for on FCC Form 471 under Category Two Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

2021 Eligible Services List


This lookup tool is offered as informal guidance, this is not a guarantee of eligibility. Per the 2021 Eligible Services List:

Additional guidance from USAC about the E-rate application process and about eligible services, including a glossary of terms, is available at USAC’s website at http://www.usac.org/sl/. The documents on USAC's website are not incorporated by reference into the ESL and do not bind the Commission. Thus, they will not be used to determine whether a service or product is eligible. Applicants and service providers are free to refer to those documents, but just for informal guidance.