Supplements the HPE data privacy and security agreement

Aruba* performs the following services:

User Experience Insight (Includes User Experience Insight (UXI) Agent)

User Experience Insight is a cloud-based application for ensuring digital user experience and troubleshooting issues. The solution consists of purpose-built sensors and software agents for Android devices and Zebra.

The purpose-built sensors and agents continuously test wireless and wired networks, network services and internal and external applications. The UXI Agent for Zebra can also identify and troubleshoot network issues for roaming and voice analysis.

Customer personal data

The cloud-based application maintains the customer account and sensor association. Customer account data includes:

  • Login email address and password
  • First and last name
  • Company
  • Phone number (Optional)
  • Location of a customer owned dedicated device (only for UXI Agent)

The sensor and the UXI Agent are clients of the network. When a packet capture is explicitly triggered by the customer for network troubleshooting purposes, the MAC address of any nearby client of the network may be collected. User Experience Insights does not use this information to identify any person.

The UXI Agent runs in the background and collects network information and location information to help troubleshoot where network performance issues were found. Network information includes the device IP address, MAC address, Wi-Fi SSID and DNS servers of the device.

Data subjects to whom customer personal data pertains are

Customers accessing the dashboard.

With respect to customer personal data, customer is acting as


Aruba shall process customer personal data only as follows:

Provision of Services:

The information gathered and stored by the product is the minimum required to ensure secure access to the portal, and essential to performing its function.

Support Services:

Access to customer environment and data for troubleshooting is provided to Aruba support services based on customer agreements and permissions.

Security and encryption

Sensor security features:

  • Physical Security: The purpose-built sensor and UXI Agent stores network credentials in a secure, encrypted and obfuscated manner.
  • Network Security: Every purpose-built sensor has three interfaces: Wi-Fi, ethernet and cellular. These network interfaces are completely isolated from one another using a Linux network namespace mechanism and the interfaces cannot be bridged. By default, there are no services listening on any ports on any of the interfaces. It is not possible to SSH or telnet into the sensor. The UXI Agent runs in the background and relies on the android device network functions.
  • Data Security: All communication is outbound and initiated by the sensor.

Application security features:

  • Physical Security: User Experience Insight is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. All data storage and processing takes place in the United States. AWS and Google Cloud have put in place security measures around all critical areas including perimeter, infrastructure, data and environment layers.
  • Network Security: User Experience Insight uses services and tools that the IaaS provider offers and some 3rd party solutions to make sure our production environment is as secure as it can be from external threats and internal vulnerabilities. The production instance is deployed in its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on the IaaS providers cloud.
  • Data Security: All data exchange between the application and users happens using HTTPS (TLS 1.2).

Third party security certifications:

None today.

Privacy-specific certifications:

None today.