What is a Data Center?

Data Center Explained

Modern data centers automate IT operations, accelerate service delivery, and deliver a cloud-like operational experience.
  • A data center is a physical facility that houses an organization’s routers, switches, servers, firewalls, and other components that enable critical applications and store and process data.
  • Modern data centers are virtual infrastructures that support applications and communicate data across on-premise and cloud environments.
Data Center

The shift to distributed data centers creates challenges

Traditional data centers were built with siloed infrastructure layers, purpose-built hardware, and fragmented management, resulting in complex deployment models and operations.

  • Operational complexity – Most organizations have disparate network architectures and management tools with multiple switching hardware platforms, operating systems, and licensing or subscription plans.
  • Slow service delivery/SLAs – IT spends countless hours on infrastructure requests and manual tasks, while stakeholders demand a faster cloud-like experience.
  • Difficulty troubleshooting – The lack of visibility across both the physical and virtual networks means that IT spends about 70% of their time trying to identify and diagnose issues.

Why choose Aruba’s data center solution?

Aruba’s architectural approach is edge-centric, cloud-enabled, and data-driven.

The Aruba CX switching portfolio is designed for today’s demanding, evolving data center networks. Cutting-edge hardware, a cloud-native operating system, and intuitive management tools reduce risk, improve IT efficiency, and ensure networks are always available. Learn more about Aruba data center networking.

Aruba Fabric Composer is an intelligent, API-driven, software-defined orchestration tool that simplifies and accelerates leaf-spine network fabric provisioning across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructures — increasing efficiencies and improving productivity for network operators and server and virtualization admins.

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