HPE Aruba Networking Enterprise Private 5G

End-to-end private 5G technology that complements Wi-Fi with high-speed mobility, wider area coverage, and segmentation of mission-critical traffic – plus ease of use.

Private networks just got easier

Simpler to manage

Designed to be simple enough for network administrators to manage, our solution masks the complexity of 3GPP cellular. Unlike other solutions that are scaled down versions of a public cellular stack or only suited for small scale deployments, our enterprise solution is built around the needs of the enterprise and will be managed alongside Wi-Fi in the future.

End-to-end offering

Traditionally, private 5G networks have relied on technology components from up to 7 vendors, plus system integrators to configure and manage the solution. To make it easier for enterprises to purchase, deploy, and manage, our private cellular solution includes everything needed for a private cellular network. HPE is a single point of contact for support—streamlining and accelerating issue resolution.

Less risk, greater reliability

Lower the risk of deploying new private cellular networks with an end-to-end solution that leverages proven, industry-leading core technology from Athonet, a Hewlett Packard acquisition. Our mobile core is built on 15 years of experience and deployed by more than 500 customers and 25 communications service providers across the globe – from airports in Europe to public venues in the U.S.

Complements Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and private cellular work together to deliver pervasive coverage across transportation, manufacturing, higher education, public venues, and other industries. With private cellular, organizations benefit from wider area coverage, high-speed mobility, segmentation of mission-critical traffic, and additional dedicated capacity to meet specific use cases. Best of all, Wi-Fi, private 5G, and wired will be managed together using a single pane of glass in the future.

Pre-integrated private cellular networks

Cloud-based management

Our multi-tenant management layer includes zero touch provisioning and wizards for greater automation. In a future release, HPE Aruba Networking Central will manage wired, Wi-Fi, private cellular, and SD-WAN.

Combo 4G/5G core software

Acts as the brains of the cellular network and includes mobility control, subscriber management, and policy enforcement functions.

HPE ProLiant Gen 11 server

HPE ProLiant Gen11 DL325 is a scalable platform that delivers exceptional compute performance, memory density, and scalability. A second server can be added for redundancy.

Small cell radios

4G indoor, 4G outdoor, 5G indoor, or 5G outdoor options to support a variety of endpoints and use cases. HPE support and zero-touch provisioning included. 

SIM and eSIMs

Physical or virtual form factors that can be provisioned via CSV files, APIs, or manual updates using our cloud-based management interface.

Spectrum Access System (US only)

Integrated into the offering is a Spectrum Access System (SAS), which is required by the FCC to protect incumbents while using shared spectrum known as CBRS.

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