U.S. Federal Government Networking Solutions

Network modernization is a journey

Whether you’re optimizing for thousands of daily devices or preparing for cloud adoption, Aruba’s solution is designed with your objectives in mind.
  • Management and operations should not be complicated by multiple platforms, windows, and clicks
  • Vendor products and solutions need to adhere with U.S. government compliance and purchasing programs
  • Rising cybersecurity threats and increases in potential attack vectors need to be addressed quickly
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FedRAMP Authorized

Authorizations and certifications

Authorizations and certifications

Aruba Central software, access points, switches, and other products adhere to the strictest U.S. government security requirements.

Unified policy management

Unified policy management

Government organizations need a better way to manage network access policies – and determine who and what can connect. Aruba ClearPass provides dynamic device profiling and role-based access for any network, including third-party vendors.

On-premises and cloud management options

On-premises and cloud management options

In addition to existing network management options, agencies looking for cloud-native or cloud-like operations can look to Aruba Central as a flexible, micro-services-based platform that can be consumed in the cloud or on-premises.

High performance, resiliency, and uptime

High performance, resiliency, and uptime

With Aruba wired and wireless infrastructure, agencies can leverage multi-gigabit speeds and state-of-the-art network optimization capabilities to ensure 24/7, mission-critical connectivity.

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Improve visibility and segmentation

Is policy management spiraling out of control? More mobile and IoT devices means more VLANs and SSIDs. It can also mean exponential moves, adds, and changes. With Aruba, you can keep traffic secure and separate – while also simplifying and automating your network.

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Maintain secure and separate networks

Do you have two or more networks in the same facility? Using MultiZone, the same wireless access point can connect to different networks managed by different IT teams – maintaining distinct traffic flows and reducing total costs.

Accelerate digital transformation with cloud-ready tools

Does your agency have a cloud initiative? The Aruba hardware you just deployed can be repurposed under Aruba Central to help you maintain investment protection and reap the benefits of cloud.

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Security. Scalability. Agility. Performance. Aruba products go up from here.

Wireless Access Points

  • Deploy in classified and unclassified networks
  • Optimize for IT, user, and IoT devices
  • Choose from indoor and outdoor options
Aruba CX 6300 switch


  • Deploy in access, aggregation, core, and data center
  • Optimize for IT, user, and IoT devices
  • Enhance programmability and configuration

Gateways and Controllers

  • Enforce network security and optimization policies
  • Improve network performance and resiliency
  • Support multiple and separate secure networks on the same access point

Aruba Network Access Control

  • Provide unified policy management for wired and wireless access
  • Enable and secure guest access, device onboarding, and more
  • Support multivendor network deployments

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