Networking Field Day 25: Wi-Fi 6E and SD-WAN Integration with Aruba EdgeConnect

Networking Field Day experience at #ArubaAtmosphere

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Focus areas will include

Join us for Networking Field Day broadcast to hear from industry influencers and see demos from our product development team on technologies that help make the operator and employee demands better by simplifying IT operations with AIOps-driven cloud management and new HPE GreenLake network-as-a-service capabilities and more.

To join the online conversation, please be sure to use the hashtag #NFDx, #ArubaAtmosphere and follow @ArubaNetworks on Twitter.

  • Aruba CX Switching, Ready for Mission Critical Networks
  • Building Forth Generation Data Center Fabric
  • The Future of Private Cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Aruba SSE in action
  • Aruba Central & AIOps Innovation


Aruba CX Switching, Ready for Mission Critical NetworksModern enterprise networks are supporting everything from business processes and deployed applications to hyperconnected environments for workers and customers. Learn how Aruba CX switching technology delivers always-on experiences for businesses that never sleep.Ed Chang
Yash Nagaraju
Anup Mehta
Building Forth Generation Data Center FabricThe shift is on from centralized Data Centers to distributed "Centers of Data". New architectures are needed to provide secure connectivity that deliver an exceptional experience for users/apps regardless of where they live, on-premises, or at the edge. This next wave of connectivity requires 100/400GbE fabrics, simplified orchestration and services that connect workloads running on increasingly powerful compute, across hybrid-cloud infrastructures. This session will detail how HPE Aruba Networking solutions can help.Todd McDole
John Gray
Yash Nagaraju
The Future of Private Cellular & Wi-FiWi-Fi and private cellular are complementary technologies whose coordination may bring great value to enterprise networks. But private cellular has not yet been delivered in an integrated manner that exploits their synergies or respects enterprise requirements. In this conversation at Tech Field Day, we'll consider use cases enabled by augmenting Wi-Fi with private cellular, challenges of managing coordinated networks, and how enterprise experience will shape the future of cellular technologies.Stuart Strickland
Jeff Weaver 
Aruba SSE in action at Atmosphere 2023Learn how Aruba's new EdgeConnect SSE solution is helping secure Atmosphere 2023. Adam Powers 
Aruba Central & AIOps Innovation Deep dive into the next generation IT efficiency features that include GUI, AI and workflow innovation with HPE Aruba Networking Product Marketing and AI Data Science leadership. Include a demo and interactive Q&A.Jose Tellado
Frank Jas 

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