Cloud Field Day 8: The Edge-to-Cloud Journey

Cloud Field Day 8: The Edge-to-Cloud Journey

Cloud Field Day 8 on-demand now available!

Cloud Field Day 8, hosted on July 15, 2020, included Aruba technologists who presented the latest powerful networking technologies to simplify your network.

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CFD8 Welcome and Kick-OffStephen Foskett, Organizer in Chief, GestaltIT
Part 1: Edge-to-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service
Introduction: The Edge-to-Cloud JourneyMichael Dickman, SVP, Product Management & Technical Marketing
Introduction: Cloud-native As-a-ServiceErik Vogel, Global VP, Customer Experience, HPE
Part 2: Data science methodology for AIOps
AIOps for Aruba networkingJose Tellado, Chief Scientist, Network Analytics
AIOps for HPE compute and storageRochna Dhand, Sr. Director, Product Management & David Adamson, Machine Learning Architect at HPE InfoSight
Part 3: Applying cloud-native capabilities to address today’s problems
The Reimagined WorkplaceAlan Ni, Director Smart Spaces & IoT
User and Application ExperienceFouad Zreik, Director of Product, UXI
Cloud Onramp with Aruba SD-BranchRamanan Subramanian, Director of Product Management & Samuel Perez, Solution Architect, SD-WAN & SD-Branch
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On-demand Videos

The Edge-to-Cloud Journey with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Michael Dickman, Sr. Vice President, Product Management and Technical Marketing, introduces Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, at Cloud Field Day 8.

HPE GreenLake: Cloud-Native As-a-Service

Erik Vogel, Customer Experience, presents HPE GreenLake and describes Antonio Neri’s vision for the next phase of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's strategic pivot to offering everything as a service.

AIOps for Aruba Networking: The Cloud Advantage

Jose Tellado, PhD, HPE Fellow and AIOps Chief Technologist discusses how AIOps gives Aruba and all of HPE a "cloud advantage."

HPE InfoSight AIOps Contextual Insights for HPE Compute and Storage

Rochna Dhand, Sr. Director, Product Management, introduces HPE InfoSight AIOps and discusses how it gives contextual insights for HPE compute and storage products.

The Reimagined Workplace with Aruba

Alan Ni, Aruba CTO Group, discusses how Aruba can transform the workplace with secure remote work, return to the office, and the creation of a hybrid workplace.

Aruba User and Application Experience

Fouad Zreik, Director of Product and co-founder of Cape Networks, presents the user and application experience provided by Aruba.

Cloud Onramp with Aruba SD-Branch

Samuel Perez, Solution Architect, SD-WAN & SD-Branch, discusses how Aruba SD-WAN provides a connection to cloud services.

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