Eskridge Lexus

Aruba Instant supplies streamlined, secure Wi-Fi loaded with security and smarts at an affordable SMB price.

Focusing on upscale customers requires excellence every day, making reliable Wi-Fi a top priority for Wes Boles, Service Manager and Computer Systems Administrator for Eskridge Lexus in Oklahoma City.

“In addition to brisk sales traffic, we service over 27,000 vehicles at our dealership annually,” explains Boles. “Our technicians rely on wireless access to perform their work efficiently and effectively. Any delays impact customer service.”

Unique Environment a Challenge

Although Eskridge Lexus had an existing wireless solution, it was increasingly unstable. “Dropped connections in the service department and on our sales floor were becoming frequent,” says Boles. “Our legacy system just couldn’t handle the load.”

To modernize, Boles needed a rugged solution for the service bays. “Despite being heated and cooled, our service area is a harsh environment,” he says. “For that facility, we required APs [access points] capable of withstanding conditions similar to the outdoors.”

In addition, Boles sought a scalable future-proof solution that enabled adopting leading mobility innovations and establishing a robust guest network. “With employees and customers now carrying multiple devices, we wanted a solution we could evolve to meet new operational demands and customer experience needs,” Boles says.

Aruba Instant Supplies the Perfect Fit

In addition to being the Service Manager, Boles doubles as his company’s lone IT person – a common scenario at SMB firms – Eskridge Lexus needed a simplified, streamlined Wi-Fi solution.

Our Aruba Instant Wi-Fi provides an elegant and simplified solution that meets current needs and enables us to innovate moving forward.
Wes Boles, Service Manager and Computer Systems Administrator, Eskridge Lexus

Working with the dealership’s technology partner, CDW, Boles identified Aruba’s 802.11ac-enabled Instant solution as the right fit. “Aruba offered indoor and outdoor APs to create a WLAN that was easy to deploy and manage,” he says.

What’s more, Aruba’s Instant solution included next-generation Wave 2 indoor APs. Using Wave 2, organizations like Eskridge Lexus can realize Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1.7Gbps. And, as FCC regulations evolve, Wave 2 could usher in 3.4Gbps data rates. Wave 2 APs also permit greater device densities while maintaining performance.

Fast, Reliable & Affordable Wi-Fi in Minutes

By adopting Aruba Instant, Eskridge Lexus gains a simple, yet powerful enterprise solution without breaking its budget.

With Instant’s zero-touch, self-provisioning capabilities, a single “conductor” AP communicates configurations to all other similar APs, including provisioning guest access. This significantly streamlines implementation while reducing administration and build-out costs.

“I just logged in to an AP using my laptop and the solution walked me through the process, step-by-step,” Boles says. “Basic configuration took less than 10 minutes with a complete robust system configuration, which includes a guest network segregated from our internal network, in less than an hour. The software is easy and intuitive to use.”

New Wi-Fi Delights Customers and Employees Alike

According to Boles, the new Aruba Instant network supplies multiple benefits. “Now, our sales and service staff can access the resources they need to close a deal or get a customer’s vehicle ready on time,” he reports. “In the process, frustrations are eliminated as mobile connections are reliable and performance is high.”

Customers are also delighted. “We’re seeing significantly more people using our lounges and enjoying free Wi-Fi while their vehicle is serviced,” notes Boles. “Increased dwell times also support passive vehicle sales as customers are more likely to shop while onsite.”

In addition, security is improved due to separating internal and guest traffic. “We’re very pleased with the ability to boost our security profile,” Boles says.

Enabling opportunities to innovate

Moving forward, Eskridge Lexus will continue expanding operational mobility. “For example, we plan to replace service advisor desktop computers with tablets,” Boles explains. “Then, instead of requiring the customer to come to us when they arrive for service, we can meet the customer at their vehicle.

“By walking walk around a vehicle with a customer we can identify any issues beyond the item that brought them into the shop,” he continues. “You’d be surprised how many people never examine the passenger side of their car.”

Extending Instant across the dealership group

Next up is working with other dealerships in the Eskridge Group to upgrade their Wi-Fi.

“Typically, Eskridge Lexus serves as a proving ground for new technology,” Boles says. “Soon, we’ll begin evaluating Aruba Instant for our Chevrolet and Honda dealerships, as well.”

For those implementations, Boles looks forward to tapping into Aruba’s heat mapping services “That will assist with streamlining the process of finding the best location for each AP,” he says. “Plus, it will help ensure we have appropriate coverage throughout each facility.”

Most importantly, Boles is confident his company can take advantage of whatever innovations come next. “With our Aruba Wi-Fi, we’re ready to adopt new technologies that support our brand, achieve efficiencies and enhance customer experiences,” he says. “And we can do it affordably without requiring me to wear any more hats.”