Aruba 8400 Core and Aggregation Switch

Mobile and IoT have changed everything. Shouldn’t your core change, too?

The shift to digital has disrupted every part of the network. More devices, more apps, more traffic, more security threats. Does your campus infrastructure give you the visibility, automation, and agility that you need to stay ahead of the curve?
Meet the Aruba 8400 core switch


Why crawl when you can run?

Mobile, cloud, and IoT is challenging every part of the network while the core remains fragile, inflexible, and static. Aruba is shaking things up with game changing core innovation that will take your network — and your business — to the next level.
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CRN named Aruba 8400 - Product of the Year

With billions of mobile and IoT devices connected to the network, enterprises need to rethink older models of building and managing networks. Learn why Aruba 8400 was awarded product of the year for its unique ability to address the needs to the modern world.
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A modern campus architecture from the edge to the core.

Aruba’s entire portfolio is designed for the mobile-cloud and IoT era where visibility, automation, and security have become table stakes for business success. Aruba’s modern, programmable switches easily integrate with our industry leading network management and security solutions for an end-to-end campus architecture that’s secure and easy to operate.
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Your core just got smarter.

The Aruba 8400 delivers unmatched performance and security, but that’s just the beginning. The real game changer is AOS-CX — a modern operating system designed for today and the future. It brings intelligence and automation to the core with full programmability and embedded network analytics, giving network operators the ability to see more, know more, and act faster.
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IT’s job just got easier.

With legacy switching solutions, IT has to manually troubleshoot problems after the fact using inflexible tools like CLI and SNMP, together with expensive off-box solutions for monitoring, analytics and troubleshooting. With the Aruba 8400 and its Network Analytics Engine, these capabilities are built-in and extensible – saving you time, giving you better visibility, and slashing complexity.
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