Meet the Leadership Team

We’re a motivated and passionate team innovating in the mobile, IoT and cloud era. We are both “Customer First, Customer Last” and committed to our people.

Keerti Melkote

President & Founder

Keerti has a knack for helping things grow and thrive – that’s probably why he’s taken such a liking to gardening. It’s evident when you look at the success he cultivated since founding Aruba in 2002. Aruba sprouted from his vision to make mobility secure and ubiquitous and, since then, Aruba has become the undisputed market leader in WLAN and LAN access. As President and Founder, Keerti guides the company’s strategic direction and innovation in the mobile, IoT and cloud era. You won’t catch him on stage without his signature grey vest – it’s kind of his thing.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Yelp, Saavn, Lyft

Vishal Lall

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to becoming Aruba’s COO, Vishal traveled his way through various leadership roles, successfully leading as HPE’s Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of a SaaS company in the healthcare industry – and you know what they say, history has a way of repeating itself. As Aruba’s COO, Vishal is responsible for driving emerging solutions that will open new markets, as well as initiatives such as IoT and Edge infrastructure. As a connoisseur of food and wine, he works alongside Keerti to drive the company’s next phase of growth – now that’s a fine pairing.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Google Maps, LinkedIn, WhatsApp

Jon Faust

Chief Financial Officer

Some say golf is a numbers game, a perfect hobby for a numbers guy like Jon, Aruba’s CFO. Off the course, Jon’s responsible for building Aruba’s overall financial strategy while sustaining profitable growth. Prior to joining the Aruba family, Jon held a variety of Finance leadership roles within HPE, including SVP and CFO of HPE’s Hybrid IT business, the largest segment within the organization. When he’s not busy putting his financial skillset to work – on and off the course – you can catch this California Polytechnic graduate spending time with his wife and two kids.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Spotify, Pandora

Alain Carpentier

Head of Worldwide Sales

Alain is a Road World Cycling Champion – well, at least that’s how he feels when he’s climbing trails and switching gears. There’s just something to be said about cycling’s test of physical and mental endurance, and the drive that’s gained from it. Alain has pedaled his way through numerous leadership positions within HPE, and now serves as Head of Worldwide Sales for Aruba, responsible for building a high-growth business. Based in Paris with his wife and family, Alain is an avid traveler with a keen appreciation for history, global culture and to no one’s surprise, fine wine.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Aruba Campus, Channel Weather, WhatsApp

Partha Narasimhan

Chief Technology Officer

Partha is a visionary CTO and an amateur photographer. Photography is the ability to use your mind’s eye to imagine an outcome and with the tools you have, bring it to life. His creative focus and technical expertise at Aruba captures nothing short of the same imagery. He’s been a part of Aruba since its inception in 2002 and currently leads the team responsible for the technology vision and strategy for Aruba. Outside of his picture-perfect day job, his eye for detail can be found while he’s out capturing memories on road trips or during the occasional hike – #nofilter.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Spotify, Medium, Lightroom

Michael Dickman

Head of Product Management & Technical Marketing

Michael is Head of Product Management & Technical Marketing and a good history book aficionado. When this proud father of four isn’t leading the troops at home, he’s responsible for PLM, TME, technical enablement and solutions development across WLAN, switching and software. Prior to this, Michael led product management for the Switching BU across Campus & Branch, Data Center and Small Business, not to mention he co-led product integration between HP Networking and Aruba – the rest is history. Outside of the office, Michael enjoys cooking good food and traveling to new places.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Spotify, NPR News, Yelp

Ash Chowdappa

Head of Software Engineering

Ash has acquired a strong appreciation for the art and science behind red wine. As Head of Software Engineering, Ash is responsible for all wireless, switching, SD-Branch, cloud and security software. His previous experience as an Aruba executive and his extensive background in product management makes the perfect blend of leadership and technical prowess. He received his MBA from Pepperdine University and can be found rocking out to iconic bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin…while drinking fine wine, of course.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Waze, Wall Street Journal, Sports

Brian Dowling

Head of ASIC & Hardware Engineering

Brian is a 25-year HPE veteran and counting, CSU Sacramento graduate and golf enthusiast. As Head of Hardware Engineering, Brian is responsible for leading Aruba’s ASIC and Hardware platforms. Prior to this, he also led HPE’s ASIC and Hardware teams over a span of 13 years. While two times may not be a charm on the golf course, Brian’s leadership skills and extensive background in engineering are the par-fect addition to drive Aruba’s Hardware teams to success. No ifs, ands or putts. Aside from golfing, Brian also enjoys fishing and cycling in his spare time. Did we mention he likes golf?

Favorite Mobile Apps: Vivino, Shazam, Waze

Pradeep Iyer

Chief Architect

Pradeep Iyer isn’t your average TV show binge-watcher. When he’s not perusing through the latest Netflix series, he has the lead role as Aruba’s Chief Architect, working cross-functionally across the software and infrastructure teams to drive the company towards a coherent architecture that customers desire. As Aruba’s first-ever engineer, his onscreen debut with the company dates back to 2002, during which time he’s held multiple leadership positions within centralized WLAN, distributed WLAN and cloud WLAN. Off-screen, you can find him cheering in the crowd at a 49ers game.

Favorite Mobile Apps: NY Times, Waze, RBDigital

Chris Kozup

Chief Marketing Officer

An avid traveler in his spare time, Chris is Aruba’s Chief Marketing Officer. Chris began his career as an industry analyst covering the networking industry. Since then, he has broadened his expertise and is well recognized for his marketing and industry experience within the mobility, networking and security sectors. As CMO, Chris is responsible for Aruba’s end-to-end marketing practice with a focus on product and solutions, global campaigns, digital and direct programs, demand gen, corporate identity, customer experience and global messaging. Despite always being on the move, no excursion can compare with his favorite destination – beachside with his dog, Bruno. #arubanetwoofs.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Sonos, Soundcloud, United

JD Singh

Head of Services & Support

Any sports fan, like JD, can relate to the exhilaration that’s felt when playing in an intense game. When your team is pushing in overtime for a well-fought victory, you can feel your heart beating fast. It’s similar to the rush JD Singh, Head of Services & Support, feels when he and his team are down to the wire and focused on executing Aruba’s Customer-First, Customer-Last philosophy. It’s all about providing customer services, support and success, and; once that’s accomplished, we’ve got ourselves a touchdown!

Favorite Mobile Apps: Email, Safari, Waze

Jeff Lipton

Head of Corporate Development

Jeff has a passion for building things and understands a good project requires equal parts of vision and execution. As Head of Corporate Development, he’s responsible for crafting and executing Aruba’s M&A and partnership strategies, working to identify new opportunities, and developing the strategic vision for new areas of business. Jeff’s perspective stems from his days as an engineer, an equity research analyst and a corporate venture investor. He’s an amateur fabricator and car nut and can be found wrenching on his rides while he contemplates Aruba’s next move.

Favorite Mobile Apps: MLB At Bat, McMaster-Carr, Peterson iStrobosoft

Kristin Major

Head of Human Resources

Kristin is Head of Human Resources, leading a team that focuses on our people – attracting best-in-class talent while enhancing the employee experience across all Arubans worldwide. Prior to this, Kristin was a Labor and Employment Counsel, holding a law degree from Georgetown University, in addition to being a visiting third-year law student at Stanford. On top of serving on the Board of Directors of two non-profit entities, this mom of five enjoys spending time with her dog, Beau, traveling with her husband and kids, and trying to learn to cook. You might say she’s a people person.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Instagram, Amazon, Spotify

Jaime Bell

Head of Legal

As Head of Legal, Jaime evaluates legal risks and business strategy, while ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements worldwide. Prior to Aruba, she was the lead attorney supporting HPE’s Hybrid IT business. Outside of the office, Jaime enjoys sharing her hobbies with her daughter – swimming, dancing to Jamiroquai music and the occasional binge-watching series, Sesame Street that is.

Favorite Mobile Apps: Netflix, Amazon, The Wonder Weeks