What is a Hyper-aware Facility?

Hyper-aware Facility Explained

A hyper-aware facility is a fully instrumented structure in which information generated from connected Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT), and IT devices conjoin contextual data generated from the network. The combination of data and context enables the structure to become cognizant of, and responsive to, the environment as well as its occupants’ service, security, and safety needs.

IoT is collectively the eyes and ears of a hyper-aware facility and generates logical representations of physical data (for example, temperature, energy consumption, occupancy, etc.), which is supplemented with contextual information generated by a smart building’s data network (for example, identity, location, applications in use, etc.) The richer the set of data and context, the more adaptive the building can become.

Why is facility hyper-awareness important?

Hyper-aware facilities provide situational awareness about efficiency, productivity, reliability, safety, and security. Having this data and context allows you to be responsive to processes, people, and the operating environment.

Hyper-aware facilities provide information such as:

  • The environment in which devices are operating
  • The status of occupants’ energy consumption and what’s causing it
  • The service needs of the facility
  • How you can improve security and safety

What is the role of the Edge in hyper-aware facilities?

  • IoT and OT devices generate telemetry data at the Edge.
  • The Edge is where contextual data is created by intelligent networks.
  • The Edge is where the majority of cyber breaches start.
  • The Edge is where process failures occur, which can severely impact business.
  • The launch point for uniform visibility and uniform security is at the Edge.

Challenges in hyper-aware facilities

  • Accessing telemetry and context
  • Data security and privacy
  • Locating people and things
  • Deciding where to compute workloads
  • Identifying and remediating root causes of problems

Why Aruba?

Because smart facility requirements change over time, these functions and services need to run on an extensible platform that can adapt to future demands without ripping and replacing infrastructure. By securely connecting IoT devices and generating robust contextual information from the network, Aruba’s Edge Services Platform (ESP) enables organizations to automate, unify, and protect the Edge to drive facility hyper-awareness.

ESP’s unified infrastructureedge-to-cloud security, and AI-powered insights—used in conjunction with solutions from key technology partners—enable enterprises to unify IT, IoT, and OT networks. Organizations can easily adapt to evolving business requirements with a hyper-aware network that combines IoT data with network-enabled contextual analytics.

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