Aruba and Microsoft technology partnership

Edge-to-cloud transformations begin with a seamless partnership.

Aruba and Microsoft partner for better customer outcomes

Joint solutions from Aruba and Microsoft can accelerate your IoT, cybersecurity, cloud connectivity, and network control objectives with powerful integrations.

Connecting Aruba Intelligent Edge with Microsoft Azure

Integrating solutions for improved security posture

Innovating and simplifying IoT design and deployment

Testing and certification for solutions interoperability

See how the Aruba Intelligent Edge transports IoT data directly to Azure cloud

Easily adapt to evolving business requirements with a hyper-aware network that combines IoT data with network-enabled contextual analytics.

Optimize your enterprise network with Aruba Central on Microsoft Azure

Central — the management and orchestration console for Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) — is a cloud-native platform that brings deployment, monitoring, and orchestration tools via modern services from Azure Cloud.

  • Use easy setup wizards for fast installs of new devices or sites.

  • Configure and optimize Microsoft 365 and other business-critical applications network-wide.

  • Configure, deploy, and manage connections to Azure cloud services.

  • Improve security and uptime with AI tools for network excellence.

Simplify IoT data streaming using Aruba IoT Transport for Azure

Secure, bidirectional communications let you monitor, control, and analyze IoT systems and data. Aruba access points act as virtual IoT gateways, connecting IoT devices with Azure cloud. reelyActive Pareto Anywhere for Azure standardizes IoT data so they can be easily consumed by Microsoft Azure services or third-party applications running on Azure.

  • Securely transports BLE, Zigbee, EnOcean, and other IoT device data between Aruba access points and the Azure IoT Hub
  • Rapidly implemented without custom engineering
  • Eliminates the cost and complexity of a dedicated gateway
  • reelyActive Pareto Anywhere for Azure open-source data conversion software is free to use and easily extended

Fortify your cybersecurity strategy with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Microsoft

Aruba is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and has four unique integrations with key Microsoft cybersecurity offerings: Endpoint Manager, Defender End Point, Azure Defender for IoT, and Azure Sentinel.

  • Reinforce your Microsoft clients and users against threats, rogue devices, and malicious users.
  • Quarantine and block devices and users based on zero-day threats.
  • Automate enforcement and control over suspicious devices by using custom policies to protect your IT domain.

Aruba SD-WAN solutions deliver optimized and secure access for your Microsoft workloads

Automated SD-WAN connectivity, cloud-based network management, and a suite of security solutions make branch locations easy to secure, spin up, and scale—with application-aware traffic steering to Azure-hosted workloads.

  • Get a fully automated, scalable, and software-defined experience connecting branches to the Azure Virtual WAN network.

  • Enable secure branch-to-Azure and branch-to-branch connectivity across the Azure global network.

Tell me more about Aruba and Microsoft

Do Microsoft and Aruba use each other’s products?

Yes, both companies are also co-customers and use each other’s solutions across their respective organizations, globally.

How do Aruba and Microsoft determine what drives engineering investment?

Customers, business partners, and industry-wide challenges drive the alliance, our collaboration, and the resulting innovations.

What vertical markets benefit most from Aruba and Microsoft collaborations?

Enterprise, retail, energy, manufacturing, public sector, media & communications, automotive, and healthcare.

What is the relationship between the Aruba and Microsoft cybersecurity solutions?

Using integration and development, we collaborate continuously to improve security. Aruba is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

Are Aruba EdgeConnect and Aruba SD-Branch / SD-WAN solutions certified by Microsoft 365?

Yes, both solutions are certified for cloud connectivity and support Microsoft vGW and ExpressRoute solutions.

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