Security-first, AI-powered networking

Deliver secure, distinctive experiences for data, applications, and devices with a security-first, AI-powered Zero Trust foundation.

A reshaped security and networking landscape

The perimeter has dissolved. With hyper-distributed organizations and hybrid work models, people and devices are operating in multiple contexts—all of which must be securely connected.
  • Security vs. performance: IT teams face the growing need to reconcile easily available network connectivity for users and devices—no matter where they are—with locking down the infrastructure to protect the organization. How do you balance the business' security needs with flexibility and productivity?
  • Complex compliance: Regional regulatory and industry-specific cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management requirements present ongoing challenges for network and security teams to keep up with. Is your organization security compliant?
  • Too many tools: Security ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex. Management is an endless task leading to overwhelming amounts of data. So how can you simplify and gain greater visibility and control?
  • Bringing teams together: Network and security teams are looking to enhance collaboration as they pursue common goals for protection and innovation. But without exception, the goals of both teams must be satisfied. How can your network align connectivity and security goals?

It’s time to break down network and security siloes

Conquering the complexity of a reshaped landscape calls for networking that puts security first—activating Zero Trust principles intrinsically across all networking from edge to campus to data center to the cloud. Make your network a security solution.

Universal visibility

Security-first, AI-powered networking streamlines networking and security operations with a common source of data based on comprehensive visibility—built into the infrastructure—of all users, devices, apps, and data without additional security overlays.

Global policies

Secure your network with robust network policies based on the principles of Zero Trust Security and the dynamics of your business while supporting hybrid workplace initiatives, IoT devices, and edge computing.

Edge-to-cloud enforcement

Consistently apply and automatically enforce role-based access policies from edge to cloud, regardless of how or where a user or device is connected, to support Zero Trust and SASE security frameworks.

AI-automated operations

Security-first, AI-powered networking multiplies your human power. AI-driven operations give teams the power of machine learning combined with full network and user-centric telemetry that captures data from every user, device, and network.

Security-first, AI-powered networking from edge to campus to data center to cloud

Secure your edge with unified SASE

HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE provides a connectivity fabric that comprises award-winning SSE and industry-leading SD-WAN in a single solution to meet the increasing demand for integrated networking and security solutions, delivered as a service.

Secure your campus

When implementing a wired and/or wireless network managed by HPE Aruba Networking Central, security is front and center with AI-powered, cloud-native network and policy automation. Deploy an AI-powered security-first network management solution that provides built-in protection at scale with cloud-native visibility.

Secure your data center

HPE Aruba Networking’s intelligent switch delivers a distributed stateful firewall at every port, giving you real-time visibility across east-west data center traffic. Proactively detect issues at the server-network edge—before they impact your most critical applications—and protect your entire data center network with advanced security services.

Secure your cloud with unified SSE

Enable a workplace where access to any business resource can be simple, secure, and reliable. Successfully secure work from anywhere and use adaptive trust and continuous monitoring to increase security and protect your business from threats—while optimizing each connection to deliver a productive end user experience.

Network as a security solution

With security-first, AI-powered networking, the network becomes a security solution. Organizations can now deliver high performance and ubiquitous access with the least possible risk.

Easing Zero Trust Security adoption with security-first, AI-powered networking

Discover the key benefits of a security-first, AI-powered network and how you can simplify Zero Trust adoption where it matters most.

Is your network contributing to cyber security?

How can your network align connectivity and security goals? Read the brief to learn how HPE Aruba Networking helps deliver what is key to your network and security teams’ joint success.

Is your network security-compliant?

Are you able to meet new and more rigorous cybersecurity and data privacy compliance requirements? Use our checklist to learn more.

Security has never been an afterthought

In 20 years of HPE Aruba Networking innovation, security has never been an afterthought.

Protect the edge

With built-in support for Zero Trust and SASE frameworks, HPE Aruba Networking provides an edge-to-cloud security solution to meet the changing security landscape.

AI-powered client visibility

Client Insights delivers the visibility and intelligence needed to address the risk of unidentified and unmanaged devices on the network—an important capability for Zero Trust.

Robust network access control with ClearPass

Authenticate, authorize, and enforce secure network access control with role-based network policies based on Zero Trust Security.

Cloud-based NAC with Cloud Auth

Delivered via HPE Aruba Networking Central, Cloud Auth extends Central’s ability to provide a cloud-based NAC for onboarding, authentication, and authorization.

Screenshot of NetConductor

Cloud-native network security services

HPE Aruba Networking Central NetConductor automatically configures infrastructure to deliver optimal network performance while enforcing granular access control security policies that are foundational to Zero Trust and SASE architectures.

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