Aruba VPN Services

Simple to use VPN services make it easy for employees to securely connect to corporate resources from anywhere. Aruba’s Remote Access Points (RAPs) and Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client offer a seamless experience from home, the small office or on-the-go.


Aruba VIA. A simple to use VPN client.

Automatically scan and select the best secure connection back to corporate. Aruba’s VPN client uses hybrid IPsec/SSL and works on Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows devices.
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Aruba RAPs. Secure VPNs without a client app.

Using Aruba’s remote access points, one user or thousands can easily connect all of their approved devices to the corporate Wi-Fi network – all over a persistent VPN for secure access from anywhere – at home, in a hotel or customer location.
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Wi-Fi controls and VPN termination from a single device.

Terminating VIA and RAP sessions is as easy as using your Aruba controller as a VPN concentrator. Additional benefits include unified policy enforcement and centralized AAA services for WLAN, LAN, and WAN access. There’s no need to invest in additional appliances.
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VIA with Military-grade encryption.

Aruba Suite B Advanced Cryptography software lets devices with VIA securely access networks that handle classified, confidential and unclassified data.
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