Steigenberger Hotels, by Travco Group

Driving guest satisfaction and loyalty with next-gen proptech

  • Customer Profile

    Steigenberger Hotels, owned by Travco Group, operates 71 properties in the Middle East and Africa, including prime destinations in Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia, with more than 13,000 rooms and 20,000 employees.
    • Vertical: Hospitality
    • Location: London, United Kingdom
    • Customer size: 13,000 rooms, 20,000 employees

    Use Case

    The group set out to modernise the IT infrastructure to deliver best Wi-Fi connectivity in order to maximise guest satisfaction. The transformation underpins enhanced business agility and saving operating costs.


    • Provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience for guests, both indoors and outdoors
    • Interactive hotel IPTV service
    • Automation to provide a personalised experience for guests
    • Reduce IT overheads and free up time for strategic projects


    • Centralised AP control and deployment
    • Unified wired and wireless experience
    • Simplified IT operations with full, single-pane visibility and control
    • Impactful and uninterrupted mobile app for self-service
    • Smartphone-compatible Bluetooth locks
    • Contactless check-in
    We review our technology blueprint every five years to ensure guest satisfaction and, subsequently, guest loyalty. Aruba’s solutions give us a competitive edge as the network is the backbone of our whole operations.
    Shady Shahin, IT Manager, Steigenberger Hotels