Accelerate your journey to SASE with a unified platform

Get simpler, stronger security

EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Architect an advanced secure SD-WAN edge that delivers maximum application performance and security at the branch.

EdgeConnect SD-Branch

Consolidate branch networking components for maximum integration across WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN.

EdgeConnect Microbranch

Ideally suited for microbranch or work-from-home sites, using a range of remote APs.


Secure connectivity to private apps with least privilege access.


Secure access to the Internet and protect against malicious online threats.


Secure access to SaaS applications and protect against data loss.


Monitor user performance and troubleshoot user access issues for all traffic.

Get simpler, stronger security

Choose where to start your SASE journey

start with ztna

choose where to start your SASE journey

start with sd-wan

Security teams win with HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE

The benefits of unified SASE extend to those responsible for the security and governance of mission-critical data systems across the network, intellectual property, and the protection of employees wherever and whenever they work.

Holistic security with Zero Trust

Get complete visibility, authentication, policy-based access authorization, and attack detection and response.

Secure edge to cloud

Protect anyone or anything, at anytime or anywhere, from edge locations to cloud—in one solution. Unified SASE helps organizations tackle the security challenges of cloud computing and hybrid working.

AI-powered client visibility

Unified SASE uses machine learning to detect and profile every connected device so you can assign the appropriate access policies.

Automated network security

Get Zero Trust protection by providing continuous identity-based access control across network domains. When manual approaches become impractical, unified SASE meets the challenges of network growth and increasing data volumes.

Security has never been an afterthought

In 20 years of HPE Aruba Networking innovation, security has never been an afterthought.
HPE Aruba Networking leads at the edge

HPE Aruba Networking leads at the edge

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