Indoor Cellular Coverage

Provide seamless roaming and onboarding with Aruba Air Pass – powered by Passpoint®.

Enterprises and mobile operators can provide a secure onramp to 5G services for carpeted offices, hotels, and other indoor venues using the Aruba Air Pass roaming service – delivered by an existing Aruba WLAN. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint® is a Wi-Fi Alliance certification program.


    Reduce costs and improve cellular service quality.

    As a more affordable and resilient option than DAS or small cell, new and existing Aruba WLANs can be used to deliver Aruba Air Pass – and also support multiple operators at once.
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    Extend cellular roaming to the enterprise.

    Aruba Air Pass together with ClearPass and Air Slice to deliver seamless, secure mobility between cellular and enterprise networks – while ensuring carriers and enterprises maintain appropriate levels of visibility and control.
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    Eliminate wireless coverage gaps with Wi-Fi 6.

    Energy-saving glass, concrete, and metal naturally dampen cellular signals – leading to inconsistent mobile coverage. Wi-Fi 6 solves this problem – while addressing many more.
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    Every radio is not the same.

    Aruba Wi-Fi delivers innovative AI-powered RF technology other vendors can't match - this is Wi-Fi that works even for cellular coverage.
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    Get on the 5G fast-track with an edge-to-cloud platform.

    Accelerate your 5G strategy with HPE using Aruba’s Wi-Fi 6 & 5G edge-to-cloud platform.
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    Wi-Fi that works with cellular.

    With Aruba Wi-Fi 6, enhance performance, capacity, and security for mobile users, IoT devices, and latency-sensitive apps - even in crowded areas. 
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