Retail Networking Solutions

Stay competitive by improving shopper experiences and business operations.

Today’s shopper is demanding, easily shifting loyalty to other brands when expectations aren’t met. Retailers need to respond by enabling a network foundation for the smart digital store – one that delivers a great customer experience while optimizing store operations and managing IT risks.


Give them fast, non-stop in-store connectivity.

Poor in-store connectivity can lead to shopper abandonment. Associates and customers need immediate access to inventory and speedy checkout services. With Aruba’s robust networking, you can keep everyone connected and happy.
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Manage hundreds of locations with one solution.

Remote stores don’t have to be an IT burden. Aruba’s SD-Branch solutions can help you improve operations, deliver services faster, and enhance shopper experiences.
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Is your network ready for Retail at the Edge?

Go beyond simplified connectivity with a network that’s insightful, autonomous, and secure.
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Create hyper-aware retail facilities.

From temperature sensors that ensure food safety to electronic price tags that update on the fly, retail adoption of IoT is gaining speed. Hyper-aware facilities that make sense of location or identity data, can enhance experiences and drive better outcomes.
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