Advertising, Analytics & Mobile Applications

Aislelabs leverages the power of big data analytics to understand customer behavior, inside and outside bricks-and-mortar stores, to help retailers boost sales and customer satisfaction. By analyzing traffic patterns, Aislelabs can deliver personalized marketing messages tailored to individual customers. The company serves boutique retailers, large stores, cafes, restaurants, commercial spaces and event venues of all sizes. For more information please visit

Aislelabs and Aruba
Aruba and Aislelabs have teamed to enable retailers to visualize first time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heat-maps, and the complete conversion funnel. Location data are gathered from the Wi-Fi network(s) via Aruba’s Analytics & Location Engine (ALE), which forwards the data to Aislelab’s cloud-based Flow application for processing. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports enable retailers to translate Aislelabs’ insights into actionable business decisions.

ALE Version Tested:
ALE 1.2

Certified Products:
Aislelabs Flow

Faraday Networks
Faraday Networks is a cloud first, mobile first technology company whose solutions management, monitor, and monetize mobile devices and customer behavior. The company’s cloud solutions include advanced Wi-Fi management, SOHO mobility, presence analytics, and network monetization through innovative marketing programs. Faraday is based in Santa Clara, California. To learn more please visit

Faraday Networks and Aruba

Aruba and Faraday have teamed to develop guest management and analytics solutions that helps SOHO customers understand and monetize end customer behavior. The Faraday Edge is a Wi-Fi management solution built on Aruba Central that provides a customizable portal for guest networks, employee access, mobile application support and Wi-Fi analytics. With Aruba Central at its the heart, Faraday Edge can manage Aruba Instant Access Points, monitor networks status. Faraday Spectrum is a network management and targeted marketing tool that leverages ArubaOS, AirWave, and ClearPass. Faraday ZONE is a retail marketing analytics platform that leverage location data from Aruba’s Meridian and Analytics & Location Engine platforms to help understand customer behavior.

Aruba Products Tested:
Aruba Central, AOS 6.4 or higher, Analytics & Location Engine 2.x

Certified Products:
Faraday Edge, Spectrum, and ZONE

Junivo is a big data analytics company that enables brick and mortar retailers to create integrated user experiences that engage mobile customers and drive their purchase paths. The solutions enhance marketing, create new revenue opportunities, enhance customer service, and improve operational efficiency. Junivo is based in Istanbul, Turkey. To learn more please visit

Junivo and Aruba

Aruba and Junivo have teamed to integrate Aruba’s AirWave Management Platform, Analytics & Location Engine (ALE), Meridian Engagement Platform, and Junivo’s WiFi360 IoT Platform to deliver cloud-based analytics, social Wi-Fi, and personalized engagement to retail and hospitality customers. The solution helps customers build a more complete profile of visitors to their facilities, including how they navigate and interact with the site. This in turn enables the delivery of highly relevant, real-time, context-based advertising and marketing content.

Visitor behavioral data are captured via ALE, AirWave, Meridian, and the AOS operating system. These data are analyzed for actionable insights and to drive relevant content. Aruba Beacons enable localized proximity marketing directly to a visitor’s mobile app. Guest Wi-Fi keeps mobile users connected while delivering rich insights based on user behavior.

Aruba Platform Tested:
Aruba ALE 2.0 or later

Certified Products:
Junivo WiFi360° IoT Platform

Kiana Analytics
Kiana Analytics provides patented cloud-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled device detection and presence analytics for security, safety, operations and proximity services. Kiana extends current presence analytics, using machine learning techniques, to provide predictive and behavioral analysis of visitor traffic, employee management and security alerting and remote awareness. Convention centers, airports, shopping centers, corporate and school campus, and entertainment venues worldwide use Kiana to identify, measure and strengthen on-site security, improve operations management, and execute real-time targeted services. For more information please visit

Kiana Analytics and Aruba
Kiana Engage provides a platform to collect, analyze, assess, and engage with visitors and employees. Kiana and Aruba have teamed together to use Aruba-based networks for safety and security solutions through the Kiana Platform. Kiana Engage supports and leverages Aruba’s Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) software to collect near real-time device data from the WLAN to produce detailed location analysis and security awareness for customers. Aruba customers can integrate their existing infrastructure with the Kiana cloud-based analytics and security SaaS platform easily to accelerate the ROI on their infrastructure. With Kiana’s patented capability to de-randomize device IDs, venue visitors no longer have to register in order for the venue to collect device intelligence.

Aruba Products Tested:
Analytics & Location Engine  2.x

Certified Products: 
Kiana Engage

LightSpeed offers a suite of front-counter POS, back-office management, and eCommerce applications for iGeneration retailers. Focused exclusively on Mac and iOS platforms, LightSpeed POS couples Apple design innovations with powerful business logic to offer multi-user, multi-store retail solutions. A back-office browser simplifies purchasing and inventory management, touchscreen-optimized POS speeds front-counter sales, and tightly-integrated eCommerce simplifies on-line selling. For more information please visit

LightSpeed and Aruba
LightSpeed and Aruba have teamed to offer wireless smartphone- and tablet-based POS solutions to iGeneration retailers. Aruba’s Mobile Device Admission Control (MDAC) enables iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones to be shipped directly to stores, speeding POS deployment by allowing self-provisioning by general sales staff instead of IT specialists. Operating over Aruba’s PCI-compliant Wi-Fi networks, these devices reliably stay connected to the back-office LightSpeed database as users roam, allowing sales to be processed anywhere in the store. Aruba’s context-aware Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture provides policy enforcement based on device-fingerprinting, application-fingerprinting, and location, ensuring a good in-store experience by prioritizing LightSpeed’s mobile POS applications over other less critical network traffic.

Aruba OS Tested:
Not Relevant

Certified Products:
LightSpeed POS and LightSpeed Mobile

Monscierge is a global software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions for properties, owners and brands. Monscierge Connect enhances communication between a hotel’s guest and staff through mobile, tablet, large-format touch-screen devices, and a central Web-based platform that manages property content. To learn more please visit

Monscierge and Aruba
Aruba and Monscierge have teamed to enable Aruba’s Meridian wayfinding, geofencing, and push messaging solutions to run within the Monscierge Connect mobile application. This capability enables guests to quickly and easily navigate hospitality properties, and, via Aruba Beacons, for hospitality marketing departments to engage them using context-relevant, location-based services while they are doing so.

Aruba Meridian System Tested:
Meridian App Server

Certified Products:
Monscierge Connect mobile app

Purple uses social engagement, marketing tools, and location analytics to provide digital insights from Wi-Fi and location data. The results helps retail, hospitality, leisure, healthcare, and education customer to deliver a highly personalized in-venue experience. Headquartered in the UK, Purple offers services to customers worldwide. For more information please visit

Purple and Aruba
Aruba and Purple have teamed to enable Aruba customers to monetize Wi-Fi infrastructure by delivering hotspot guest access, extracting user behavioral analytics, and serving targeted marketing messages. Access security and content filtering protect the infrastructure and site owner’s reputation. Leveraging Aruba’s Analytics and Location Engine (ALE), the solution delivers foot traffic analytics without any additional on-site hardware, making it simple and inexpensive to implement.

Aruba OS Tested:
AOS 6.4 and higher
ALE 1.3 and higher

Certified Products:
Purple Hotspot-As-A-Service

RaGaPa provides a simple means of monetizing Wi-Fi networks via an injected, dissolvable applet that displays paid, relevant advertising content on every Web page a user visits. Clicking on the ad takes the user to the target Web site. No client software needs to be installed on users’ machines, and RaGaPa works on any mobile device and browser. To learn more visit

RaGaPa and Aruba
Aruba and RaGaPa have teamed to enable hot spot owners and public facing enterprises to monetize Wi-Fi access with revenue from targeted advertising. Used in conjunction with Aruba controller-based Wi-Fi networks, the cloud-based RaGaPa service delivers context-relevant advertising, coupons, deals, and calls-to-action throughout the browsing session. On-line reporting and accounting analytics provide direct feedback about campaign effectiveness, while advertising revenue enhances ROI and can generate an annuity stream to underwrite upgrades.

Aruba OS Tested:
AOS 6.2 and higher

Certified Products:
RaGaPa HotSpot Monetization

Rifiniti measures and manage how office space is used. The Optimo Web-based dashboard, a tool that measures actual utilization of office space by tracking the mobility patterns of occupants, helps model future space needs based on actual traffic patterns. Optimo analytics can help customers manage their real estate footprint and expenses by aligning available space with actual utilization. For more information please visit

Rifiniti and Aruba
Aruba and RF Code have teamed to bring 433.92 MHz tags to real-time location applications in high density and challenging IoT environments. Tag transmissions are processed in real-time by RF Code M250 readers connected to Aruba switches, and can process >140 events per second, or 1,400 tags simultaneously with 10-second beacon intervals, at >40 meters distance. To reduce network chatter the readers can run in an exception mode that reports only changes in asset or location status. These real-time solutions can help more efficiently manage assets and staff in data center and a wide range of enterprise applications.

Aruba OS Tested:
ALE 1.2 and 2.0

Certified Products:

ShopperTrak is a leading global provider of shopper insights and analytics to improve retail profitability and effectiveness. More than 750 of the world’s leading retail brands have ShopperTrak services deployed in over 60,000 locations across 90 countries and territories. To learn more visit

ShopperTrak and Aruba
Aruba and ShopperTrak have teamed to use Wi-Fi based analytics to understand store draw rates, abandonment rates, loyalty, zone traffic, dwell times, and service times. Leveraging contextual data from Aruba’s Analytics & Location Engine (ALE), the ShopperTrak Interior Analytics Suite provides continuous sampling rate updates. Stores are measured against metrics tied to the three profit pillars – traffic, conversion and average transaction size. The results help explain a store’s superior or inferior performance, and enable management to make more effective marketing and operational decisions.

Whole-store coverage is made possible by combining ALE location data with ShopperTrak’s innovative wired and Wi-Fi based footfall sensors. Wi-Fi based sensors make adds, moves, and changes both simple and inexpensive.

Aruba OS Tested:
Analytics & Location Engine

Certified Products:
ShopperTrak Insights is a Web services company based in New York City and San Francisco that enables commercial venues to easily integrate marketing and sponsorship workflows into on-premise guest Wi-Fi networks. To learn more please visit and Aruba
Aruba and have teamed to enable Aruba’s Wi-Fi customers to run digital marketing initiatives on their existing infrastructure. Tailored for guest users, the cloud-based SaaS application provides an engaging user experience while delivering foot traffic analytics to the facility owner. requires no additional hardware, making it fast and easy to implement.

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products: Cloud Service

Software AG
Software AG is a leading global provider of big data, integration and business process technologies that enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service. Core product families include Adana’s-Natural, Alfabet, Apama, ARIS, Terracotta and webMethods. To learn more visit

Software AG and Aruba
Aruba and Software AG have teamed to leverage Wi-Fi based analytics so enterprises can engage with consumers in more personal and meaningful ways. Software AG’s premise-based Apama platform packages presence, loyalty, geofence, and omni-channel analytics in a highly programmable application that keeps confidential and personally identifiable information fully under your control. Location-based data obtained from Aruba’s infrastructure can be mashed with CRM, point of sale, inventory, weather, and other data sources to deliver deeper, more incisive insights into customer behavior and preferences. Open APIs facilitate interfaces with other components, such as BigMemory, delivering a solution that can grow in scope as your needs evolve over time.

Aruba OS Tested:
Analytics & Location Engine 1.2 and higher

Certified Products:
Apama Analytics & Decisions Platform

Turnstyle Solutions is a Toronto-based marketing and analytics company that uses public Wi-Fi to engage consumers, obtain insights about on-premise customer behavior, and send real-time messages, coupons and rewards directly to customers’ phones. To learn more please visit

Turnstyle and Aruba
Aruba and Turnstyle have teamed to enable Aruba’s retail Wi-Fi customers to anonymously monitor walk-by conversions, average dwell times, and visit frequencies via a dashboard of customizable analytics widgets. Using location-based gathered data from Aruba’s Location & Analytics Engine (ALE), Turnstyle cloud-based SaaS engages customers with context-relevant messages during network log-in and through on-site e-mail, text, and social media messaging. Personally-identifiable data are anonymized, and once a consumer opts-in, all of his or her previously-recorded anonymized activities are assigned to a persona that can be monitored within and across retailers.

Aruba OS Tested:
Analytics & Location Engine 1.3.3 and 2.0

Certified Products:
Turnstyle Social Wi-Fi, Campaigns, and Analytics Services

Since 2007 Walkbase has developed solutions for measuring, optimizing, and personalizing the in-store experience. The solution enables new ways of measuring in-store customer behavior, boosting conversion, and systematically driving footfall, purchases and loyalty. AA sophisticated analytics engine, combined with a comprehensive dashboard, measures the impact of marketing campaigns and in-store footfall and shopper behavior. Walkbase is based in Helsinki, Finland and London, UK. To learn more visit

Walkbase and Aruba
Aruba and Walkbase have teamed to enable retailers to assess visitor behavior based on the frequency, recency, dwell time, and travel paths of visits. Set-up is simple: register for the service and then point the Aruba access point RTLS data feed to the Walkbase subscription cloud service. Statistics are generated about walk-by traffic proximate to the Wi-Fi network, as well as users who have opted into the site’s Wi-Fi network.

Data are summarized on easy-to-use dashboards, and APIs are available for data export. Walkbase provides a simple on-line MAC opt-out mechanism for those who don’t wish to participate.

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
Walkbase Analytics