Network Fabric and AAA

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a leading provider of enterprise communications solutions and services, from the office to the cloud. Building on an established heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise operates globally in 100+ countries worldwide. For more information please visit

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Aruba
Aruba and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise have teamed to deliver standards-based, unified wired and wireless campus networks for secure mobility, BYOD, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) applications. The solution delivers consistent network services and seamless access using a policy framework, authentication scheme, and single authorization database that applies regardless of how or where the network is accessed.

Wire line access is provided by stackable Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitches, with wireless access by OmniAccess™ Wi-Fi 802.11n and 802.11ac access points. BYOD, guest access, onboarding, and policy management services are provided by the ClearPass Policy Management Solution. The OmniVista™ 2500 management suite includes provisions, monitors, and troubleshoots both the network and applications in real-time. SDN support is provided via OpenFlow and/or RESTful APIs on the wired and wireless access portfolio.

Aruba OS Tested:
Not relevant

Certified Products:
OmniSwitch 6200, 6400, and 6800 Series Campus Access Ethernet Switches

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Arista Networks
Arista Networks manufacturers high-density, OpenFlow-based fixed and modular 10/40/100 Gbps Ethernet switching solutions for large data center and computing environments. Designed around the company’s Extensible Operating System (EOS), the switches use software-defined cloud networking (SDN) to optimize application performance, and the end user experience, in demanding applications. For more information, please visit

Arista and Aruba
Arista and Aruba have collaborated to ensure interoperability between Aruba’s wired and wireless edge access networks, and Arista’s 10/40 Gbps aggregation and backbone switches. Additionally, the integrated solution provides tailored SDN switching/routing flows with peer-to-peer BYOD endpoints. For example, by tunneling OpenFlow set-up services between an Aruba Mobility Controller running AirGroup and an Arista SDN switch, Apple Bonjour requests can automatically be directed to the closest AppleTV without manual intervention or high wireless bandwidth consumption typical of Bonjour messaging. The result is a terrific end user experience.

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
Arista Networks Switches Running Arista EOS 4.10.4

CyberHound provides Education customers with unique capabilities to optimise internet performance, manage online risks and detect and prevent threats such as cyberbullying and self-harm. The company’s ClearView technology offers behavioural analytic\s to enhance student wellbeing. Established in1999, CyberHound is based in Australia and has customers around the world. For more information, please visit

CyberHound and Aruba
CyberHound and Aruba have teamed to ensure that schools and other institutions can seamlessly scan and report inappropriate communications in social media, chat, instant messaging, and Web 2.0 applications. The solution also integrates the analysis of web usage to deliver valuable feedback to students and actionable intelligence to school executives. CyberHound’s ClearView technology scans all Internet traffic passing over Aruba Wi-Fi to identify the most common applications and search engines including Microsoft Lync, Yammer, LinkedIn, AIM, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, GTalk, Google Hangouts, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Once a communication stream is identified it is directed through the ClearView Policy Enforcement Engine for real-time pattern matching, policy enforcement, and behavioural analytics.

Aruba OS Tested: and higher

Certified Products:
CyberHound Web Filtering and ClearView

A smarter business needs smarter thinking. Put IBM’s experience with Aruba Networks to work for you. IBM can help Customers become more competitive in a Smarter Planet through smarter work and collaboration solutions that leverage Aruba’s MOVE architecture and BYOD infrastructure. IBM’s geographic reach and proven track record in Enterprise Mobility can help reduce risk, cut operational costs, boost employee productivity, and accelerate revenue growth. For more information please visit

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InfoExpress provides endpoint security solutions.

InfoExpress and Aruba
InfoExpress’ CyberGatekeeper is interoperable as an overlay on Aruba’s infrastructure. For more information about InfoExpress please visit

Intel Security
Intel Security is intensely focused on developing proactive, proven security solutions and services that protect systems, networks, and mobile devices for business and personal use around the world. Intel Security combined the experience and expertise of McAfee with the innovation and proven performance of Intel to make security an essential ingredient in every architecture and on every computing platform. For more information please visit

Intel Security and Aruba
Intel Security and Aruba have teamed to enable the Policy Authentication Server to exchange context about authenticating users and devices with the Intel McAfee Log Collector which proxies these data with McAfee Next Generation Firewall, Firewall Enterprise, Firewall Enterprise Control Center, Network Security Manager, and Data Loss Prevention systems. Enterprise security policies are then enforced across these systems.
ClearPass Version Tested:
ClearPass Policy Manager 6.5 and higher
Certified Products:
McAfee Next Generation Firewall 5.8 and higher
McAfee Firewall Enterprise 8.x.x
McAfee Firewall Enterprise Control Center 5.x.x
McAfee Network Security Manager and higher
McAfee Data Loss Prevention 9.x.x and higher

Juniper Networks delivers innovative routing and switching solutions. From the network core down to consumer devices, Juniper Networks’ innovations in software, silicon and systems transform the experience and economics of networking. For more information please visit

Juniper and Aruba
Aruba and Juniper have teamed to deliver the power of core switching, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) applications, and massively scalable data planes in an open campus environment, including the use of Aruba’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi at the edge. Aruba Airwave and ClearPass simplify management and policy enforcement across edge access, while Juniper Network Director provides end-to-end user and application visibility. The combination of Juniper and Aruba tools and capabilities enable channel partners to capture more market share by offering a differentiated wired-wireless solution.

Aruba OS Tested:
Not relevant

Certified Products:
EX Series Ethernet Switches

Geographic Coverage:

NetMotion Wireless software enables mobile workers to maintain and optimize connections to applications as they roam across locations and/or networks. By doing so NetMotion Wireless’ mobile VPN, Mobility XE, enhances mobile worker productivity at utilities, healthcare and government institutions, and transportation and telecommunication carriers worldwide. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information please visit

NetMotion and Aruba
NetMotion and Aruba have teamed to ensure that NetMotion secure sessions operating over Aruba infrastructure are persistent regardless of where, or across what networks, a user roams. NetMotion’s unique, software-only VPN technology obviates the need to restart sessions as a user moves from Wi-Fi to cellular and back, improving application performance and enhancing user mobility. Aruba’s networking infrastructure ensures that NetMotion application traffic is carried seamlessly, securely, and with appropriate QoS.

OpenDNS is a cloud-based service that offers businesses of all sizes protection from malicious Web threats and control over how users navigate the Internet. OpenDNS’ simpler deployment model and management approach results in a much lower total cost of ownership. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit:

OpenDNS and Aruba
OpenDNS and Aruba have partnered to provide enterprises and institutions with a simple yet robust cloud-based Internet security and Web filtering solution. Used together, OpenDNS and Aruba reduce the complexity and cost associated with managing Internet access, usage, and security across distributed networks, devices, employees, and guests.

OpenDNS Enterprise protects users, devices, and networks from malicious and harmful malware and botnet threats. It also enforces Internet use policy and controls usage of P2P and Web 2.0 sites to ensure optimal bandwidth usage across the mobile enterprise. Without requiring additional software or costly on-site appliances, OpenDNS’ cloud-based service can be easily deployed on a single Aruba network, or across thousands of such networks – all managed through the OpenDNS Web dashboard.

Aruba OS Tested:
AOS, Aruba Instant

Certified Products:
OpenDNS Enterprise 2011

Palo Alto Networks
Aruba Networks and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to provide network and content security for guest and employee-owned mobile devices used on wireless networks, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. By sharing user, device and application information from Aruba Networks ClearPass and WLAN solutions with the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, the solution can provide visibility and control over applications, and stop both known and unknown threats. For more information, please visit

Palo Alto Networks and Aruba
Aruba Networks and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to provide network and content security for guest and employee-owned mobile devices used on wireless networks, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. By sharing user, device and application information from Aruba Networks ClearPass and WLAN solutions with the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, the solution can provide visibility and control over applications, and stop both known and unknown threats.

6.1.0 and later

Aruba OS:

Certified Products:
Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall

RedSeal Networks
RedSeal Networks is a leading provider of enterprise security management solutions that automate compliance by continuously monitoring, modeling, and analyzing complex network and security control interactions across access points, firewalls, routers, load balancers and hosts security defenses. Using RedSeal organizations can better understand their security state, identify risks to their operations and critical assets, and proactively reduce opportunities for cyber-theft and cyber-espionage. For more information, please visit

RedSeal and Aruba
Integrating Aruba’s industry-leading secure mobility platforms with RedSeal’s security monitoring technology gives enterprises an advanced security visualization and predictive threat modeling solution that enhances network and perimeter security posture. IT gains visibility into the current state of all network devices and can see the security impact of configuration and policy changes to the wireless and wired infrastructure. Misconfigurations can be quickly identified, weaknesses and risks pinpointed, the effectiveness of end-to-end network security device infrastructure measured, and remediation and mitigation initiatives prioritized based on an awareness of data flows. Enterprises can ensure that security systems and controls (PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, NERC CIP, FFIEC, FINRA, and BASEL II) are effective, correctly aligned, and properly audited, and that temporary exceptions to policies are justified.

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
RedSeal Platform 6.0

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, provides intelligence-driven security solutions that manage organizational risk, safeguard mobile access and collaboration, prevent on-line fraud, and defend against advanced threats. For more information please visit

RSA and Aruba
Aruba and RSA have teamed to enable two-factor authentication in wireless networks. By integrating an Aruba Mobility Controller with RSA SecurID over the RADIUS protocol, and configuring Authentication Manager as the AAA server for wired and wireless 802.1x authentication, administrators can add two-factor authentication to Aruba wireless infrastructure. When so configured, users accessing the network with a compatible network supplicant must provide their SecurID PIN and token code to successfully join the network.

Aruba OS Tested:

Certified Products:
RSA Authentication Manager

Synack was founded by former NSA cyber analysts to reinvent penetration (PEN) testing and security assessment services by leveraging accomplished white-hat researchers and incenting them to discover high-risk vulnerabilities in web applications, mobile applications, infrastructure, and hardware devices. Critical vulnerabilities are detected in more than 90% of engagements, even when the customer is fully HIPAA/PCI compliant. Vulnerability discovery is performed via a full packet capture gateway by vetted researchers, and customers have complete visibility into, and control over, Synack’s activities. For more information please visit

Synack and Aruba
Synack and Aruba have collaborated to bring best-in-class, confidential security assessment services to Aruba’s installed base customers. PEN testing is often overlooked or poorly implemented, even in high security environments. By raising awareness of proper methodology, bringing skilled professionals to the task, and reviewing all vulnerability submissions prior to escalating them, we have enabled Aruba’s installed base customers to realistically and safely gain awareness about business-critical vulnerabilities.

Aruba OS Tested:
Not applicable

Certified Products:
Synack Red Team Services