Aruba 360 Security Exchange Technology Partner Program

360 Security Exchange Program

An open, multi-vendor integration with over 100 partners means customers can leverage their existing security investments.
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Aruba security framework

A critical advantage of the Aruba security framework is an open, multi-vendor integration of Aruba security solutions with over 100 Aruba partners in the Aruba 360 Security Exchange Program. Customers can leverage existing security investments by seamlessly integrating them with Aruba solutions. Unlike other infrastructure providers that lock their customers into costly upgrades and a single source of products, the 360 Security Exchange provides the best elements of a unified solution with the flexibility of an open architecture.


Context from 3rd party systems strengthens network policies.

Aruba partners in the 360 Security Exchange Program have developed security and operations features that integrate with our Aruba ClearPass Network Access Control and IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics solutions. These third-party IT systems – firewalls, MDM/EMM, and SIEM – leverage our REST based APIs, Syslog messaging, and our new Extensions repository to deliver end-to-end policy enforcement and visibility.
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360 Security Exchange Program Partners

  • AirWatch by VMware

    Enterprise security for corporate-owned or BYOD devices

    Enterprise-grade mobile device, application, and content security for corporate-owned or employee-owned devices. MDM/EMM content exchange with ClearPass offers real time network access policies.
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  • Attivo Networks

    In-network threat detection & response using deception technology

    Provides dynamic deceptions for the real-time detection, analysis, and accelerated response to cyber incidents. Detailed attack forensics and Aruba integrations drive actionable alerts and automate incident response actions.

  • Brocade Communication Systems

    Simplified management over wired infrastructure

    Flexible scalability and simplified management for campus-wide delivery of user applications and services over wired. Integration with ClearPass using industry standards enforcement protocols.

  • Check Point

    Next generation firewalls for mobile and data center protection

    Multi-layered perimeter defense for an evolving threat landscape. When combined with ClearPass leverages real-time user and device context for accurate traffic enforcement policies.
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  • Citrix Systems

    Secure enterprise mobility/BYOD

    Foundational technologies for mobile device and app management on smart phones and tablets, with data protection and compliance reporting. MDM and MAM context exchange with ClearPass platform.

  • Duo Security

    Application-based two-factor auth

    Application-based two-factor auth that includes geolocation, VPN, open network, role and device specific access controls. Adds secondary auth for users/devices previously authenticated via ClearPass.

  • Envoy

    The new standard in visitor registration

    Envoy is changing how visitors are greeted in digital workplaces around the world. Modern businesses are getting rid of paper sign-in books and using Envoy to provide an iPad-based guest sign-in experience.

  • Google


    Centralized administration for mobile device management, single and two-factor authentication, and SSO on Chrome, iOS and Android. Built-in ClearPass integration for MDM and authentication services.

  • Infoblox

    Delivers enterprise-grade DNS, DHCP and IP address management

    Protects against malware and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) by automating network control functions. Extended threat prevention via the ingestion of user and device attributes from ClearPass.

  • IBM

    Security suite

    Industry-leading security suite offering mobile endpoint, application, identity access management and data intelligence. ClearPass integration for MDM, SIEM and identity access management solutions.

  • ImageWare

    Cutting edge biometric multi-factor authentication

    Interactive and scalable cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) for smartphone users and mobile clients. ClearPass integration provides context-based implementation of MFA for network and application access via voice, fingerprint and facial recognition.
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  • JAMF

    The Apple Management Standard

    Enterprise endpoint management software that automates common IT tasks to setup, secure, and manage (update) Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Preserves the unique Apple experience and empowers end users to be self-sufficient while providing IT with comprehensive Apple ecosystem management that integrates in your existing environment.

  • Juniper Networks

    SRX Series gateways for next-generation anti-threat protection

    High performance security delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform. ClearPass shares contextual user information on demand for granular user and device specific network policies.
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  • Kasada

    Changing the network and app authentication game

    Next generation Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and web asset protection that is secure and easy to use. ClearPass with Kasada empowers customers to strengthen security using secondary auth challenges for mobile and in-the-office network access.

  • McAfee

    Policy orchestration for enterprise mobility

    A unified, adaptive framework for real time data and endpoint threat intelligence. Combined with ClearPass delivers ePO customers the network policy and NAC platform of choice.
    Watch the Intel McAfee ePO integration demo

  • Micro Focus

    Real-time threat and incident remediation

    Enterprise security management software that combines event correlation and security analytics for real time threat and incident remediation. Message exchange with ClearPass for accurate endpoint actions.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Security for wired and wireless requirements

    Industry-adopted authentication, authorization, directory resources, and certificate management services for wired and mobile requirements. Multiple ClearPass security/identity touch points.
    Watch the Microsoft Intune integration demo

  • MobileIron

    Enterprise endpoint security

    Device, app and data management for a mobile workforce where IT-issued and personal devices can access corporate information from anywhere. Bi-directional intergradation with ClearPass is built-in.
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  • OKTA

    Single sign-on to secure your network in a mobile environment

    An identity and access management solution that delivers simplicity for Single Sign-On and device provisioning. ClearPass Integration delivers enhanced cloud authentication services and onboarding flexibility.

  • Oracle Micros Opera

    Property management software

    Delivers centralized customer relationship services for the hospitality, spa and golf industry. Combined with ClearPass offers a simple guest access workflow that’s easy for guests and IT.

  • Palo Alto Networks

    Next gen firewalls and integrated mobile security

    Next-generation firewalls and integrated mobile security for advanced threat prevention and endpoint protection. ClearPass integration for identity-based access policies for employees and guests.
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  • Ping

    Federated access management for a mobile world

    Access controls that include multi-factor auth, SSO and BYOD access security. Combined with ClearPass IT delivers one-click access to all apps regardless of device, location or identity store.

  • Pluribus Networks

    Extract analytical value from the network in real-time

    The Pluribus VCFcenter™ integration with ClearPass enhances compliance, security and IT resources utilization by correlating network traffic to users’ identity, device and location information through a network flow-based dashboard across intranets and extranets.

  • ServiceNow

    Streamlines workflow increasing operational efficiency

    Service, operations, and business management solutions to streamline workflows, that ease IT service calls. Integration allows ClearPass to automatically create trouble tickets with real time user and device context.

  • Sine

    Intelligent visitor registration

    Check in visitors, contractors, and staff into any environment via the web, iPad or mobile devices. Sine visitor management includes registration, reporting, emergency messaging and now, an enhanced guest access experience.

  • SOTI

    End-to-end enterprise mobility management

    Management of corporate-owned or BYOD devices, applications, content, email, and security within a single, centralized, all-in-one offering. Contextual data exchange allows ClearPass to control access to network resources based on device identity and posture compliance.

  • Splunk

    Security information and event management for operational intelligence

    Search, monitor, and analyze data from everywhere for reporting and actionable event remediation. Combine with ClearPass for comprehensive network access authentication and event correlation.

  • Twilio

    Two-factor auth for mobile security deployments

    Cloud-based, voice and SMS endpoint messaging and two-factor auth for mobile security deployments built on a single API. Invokes enhanced user experience during ClearPass auth and applications access.

  • Zscaler

    Cloud-based firewalls for protection of branch users and applications

    With software-defined policies, Zscaler helps connect the right users to the right applications. With Aruba Central integration, you can provide seamless security for all enterprise cloud and Internet traffic.

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