Aruba + AWS

Explore Aruba integrations and solutions with AWS—spanning enterprise WAN connectivity, cloud networking, and hosted services to optimize IT operations.

How our technology collaboration benefits you

Together, Aruba and AWS offer solutions, integrations, and services that make it easy for enterprise IT to leverage the cloud.

Aruba SD-WAN fabric extends from branch locations into AWS

Aruba scalable cloud management solutions are built on AWS

Aruba enterprise WAN solutions seamlessly integrate with the AWS backbone

Aruba switching supports AWS hybrid cloud deployments

Aruba SD-WAN on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Use the AWS Marketplace and Aruba SD-WAN one-click automation to deploy Aruba EdgeConnect or Aruba Virtual Gateway within AWS VPC, extending the SD-WAN fabric from the branch to workloads and AWS network services.

Automated SD-WAN connectivity to AWS Transit Gateway / AWS Cloud WAN

Aruba’s SD-WAN API integration with AWS Network Manager automates connectivity between the SD-WAN fabric and AWS Transit Gateway and AWS Cloud WAN. Leverage the AWS Cloud WAN to extend SD-WAN network segmentation into the AWS global backbone to connect to VPCs, hosted services, and remote SD-WAN branch locations.

Aruba Central on AWS

Central is a unified cloud-based tool for managing Aruba’s wired, wireless, and SD-Branch networks. A reliable, scalable SaaS service managed by Aruba, Central is built on a Zero Trust framework across multiple AWS regions.

Aruba Orchestrator on AWS

Aruba Orchestrator as a Service (OaaS) is a secure, single-tenant SaaS solution managed by Aruba and hosted on AWS. OaaS enables enterprises to centrally provision, manage, and monitor their Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN on a global basis.

Aruba CX switching for AWS Outposts

Aruba customers can integrate their private, on-premises data center with AWS Outposts using Aruba CX switches, enabling local workloads to communicate with on-prem AWS services over a high bandwidth, low latency, and secure switching infrastructure.

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