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Misplaced assets are a thing of the past.

Aruba’s new asset tracking solution can help you quickly locate business critical devices or inventory — like wheelchairs or pallets of retail goods — saving you valuable time and money. Using BLE-enabled Aruba Tags with your location-ready Aruba wireless network, deployment is fast and easy.
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Leveraging location services can transform your business.

Learn how mobile engagement and asset tracking can increase productivity and improve your bottom line.
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Mobile apps that keep you connected while on the go.

Create customer experiences on any mobile device using wayfinding, personal notifications, and location-sharing with Aruba Beacons and your Wi-Fi network.
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Aruba APs come with built-in BLE.

Your location-ready Aruba wireless network delivers more value with its integrated Bluetooth beacons and radios. This means that BLE-enabled Aruba APs can be a beacon for mobile engagement or a reader for asset tracking. Learn how to leverage your Aruba APs in new ways.
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Analytics tell the bigger story.

The widespread use of smartphones enables you to extract valuable location context from your location-ready Wi-Fi network. Use built-in or third-party integration to view shopper dwell times, traffic flow, zone analytics, or campaign effectiveness to help drive business decisions.
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