Real Time Asset Tracking with Aruba Tags

Increase staff efficiency, reduce equipment costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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  • Aruba's asset tracking solution helps organizations increase staff efficiency, reduce equipment costs and improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can track assets by leveraging the value of their location-ready Aruba WLAN infrastructure and BLE-based Aruba Tags.

    • Real-time location system with BLE-based Aruba Tags for equipment and asset tracking

      Tag something of value

      Aruba's real time-location system (RTLS) for equipment and asset tracking enable you to quickly and cost-effectively monitor and pinpoint where high value assets are – like wheelchairs, IV pumps in healthcare, or a pallet of goods in a warehouse.

    • Aruba's bluetooth BLE tags can be deployed from any iOS smartphone or tablet with the configuration app

      Easy configuration

      The Aruba Tags Configuration App turns any iOS smartphone or tablet into a mobile tags configuration device. Just scan the QR code on the back of the tag, and enter the relevant data to create a real-time database.

    • Aruba BLE tags and real time location system (RTLS) for high-value asset tracking help reduce equipment costs

      Do it with BLE

      If your primary goal is to track high-value physical assets, then Bluetooth Low Energy asset tags are the way to go. BLE-based Aruba Tags and location-ready Aruba access points ensure you can find things fast, indoors and outdoors.

    Related Information

    • Power
      • One non-replaceable coin cell battery
      • Estimated power consumption (mA-h): 45.42
      • Estimated battery life (in months): 36-48
      • Maximum signal range depends on the physical environment.
      • Aruba Tags operate on the same type of radio waves as 2.4GHz Wi-Fi routers. As a result, the signal can be diffracted, interfered or absorbed by materials in the space such as metal, wood or water.
      • Included: High-strength indoor/outdoor 3M adhesive for direct mounting
      • Optional: IP67-rated outdoor case
      • Optional: Snap-on mounting bracket
      • Optional: Zip-strap mount
      • 34mm x 11mm
      • Weight 10g (0.35oz)
    • Environmental
      • Operating temperature: 0° C to 50° C
      • Humidity 5%RH to 93%RH non-condensing
      • Storage and Transport: -10° C to 60° C
      • FCC/Industry of Canada
      • CE Marked
      • R&TTE Directive 1995/5/EC
      • Low Voltage Directive 72/23/EEC
      • For country specific regulatory information and approvals, please see your Aruba representative.
      Regulatory Model Number
      • ARBT0102