Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)

Improve end-user experience on your network by proactively monitoring, troubleshooting, and addressing application and network performance issues.

Aruba UXI is your ‘always-on’ remote technician

Get precise, near real-time data insights into network and application performance with Aruba UXI highly intuitive cloud-hosted dashboard and UXI sensors - Hardware sensors and or end-point agents for Zebra.

Ensure high availabilty and performance

Ensure high availabilty and performance

Aruba UXI continuously tests network services, internal and external applications from an Edge perspective, and alerts IT when issues are detected.

Reduce helpdesk calls

Reduce helpdesk calls

With AIOps powered Incident Detection, your IT team receives automatic alerts when high-priority services get affected, enabling them to address problems before they impact end users.

Get insights into roaming and voice analysis

Get insights into roaming and voice analysis

Besides monitoring application performance, the Aruba UXI agent for Zebra handheld android devices gathers detailed end-user roaming and voice analysis from the Zebra devices and helps IT pinpoint the location of the issue.

Baseline performance and validate changes

Baseline performance and validate changes

Aruba UXI leverages machine-learning algorithms to set baseline network performance and problem thresholds. This data is available on UXI dashboard, along with PCAP files, to help IT teams validate network changes.

UXI dashboard is an AI-powered visualization of user experience

Single-glance diagnosis with rich hover

UXI's traffic light-themed dashboard makes it easy to see a client's experience while they are onboarding, using network services and related applications.

AIOps-powered Incident Detection

The Incident Detection feature leverages AI to analyze network issues for a more efficient MTTR workflow. Highlighting the issues affecting high priority services, UXI enables you to stay ahead of network outages.

Test wired and wireless networks

Aruba UXI can test up to four networks, both wired and wireless. The UXI sensors mimic end-users and execute end-to-end workflows, delivering a complete and precise picture of the end-user experience on your network.

Historic data availability

The last 30 days of network performance data is available for download from the UXI dashboard, along with PCAP files, to help you better understand network behavior.

Aruba User Experience Insight dashboard

User Experience Insight summary

The smiley face icons featured on the dashboard provide an at-a-glance understanding of how the day is going for clients on the network. A quick hover-over will give a deeper dive into specific services and application test results.

Application testing

Trending and visualizing end-to-end (E2E) application performance testing ensures critical applications are up and running, and responding to page loads and requests.

Recently launched UXI features

Learn about the latest UXI features and steps to activate them right from your dashboard.

Help center

From onboarding to advanced configuration ideas, UXI provides a vast content library of help articles. If you can't find what you're looking for, click on the live chat 24/7 to open a session.

Aruba User Experience Insight dashboard
Sleek and powerful Aruba UXI sensors

Sleek and powerful Aruba UXI sensors

Offering a simple zero touch deployment plan, this purpose-built, Linux-based client device can be provisioned via PoE or wall outlet power with no cable pulls required. Providing continuous testing of the network and in-use applications, you can easily install the sensors in high density locations to mimic users on your network.

Aruba UXI highlights

Web Application Testing (WAT)

Taking you one step closer to a real user, the Aruba UXI WAT feature enables IT teams to record the complete end-user interaction with web applications and then uploads it on UXI for testing. 

UXI agent for Zebra

Helps IT teams troubleshoot network issues by performing low-impact synthetic application testing and passive roaming and voice analysis.

Incident Detection

Aruba UXI's Incident Detection feature lets your IT team focus on the most critical issues, thereby optimizing their time and effort.

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Aruba Central

Seamlessly integrating with Aruba Central, customers can log into the UXI dashboard and access UXI insights right from Central. Combining UXI and Aruba Central allows an end-to-end perspective of a network, with UXI providing network insight from user perspective and Central covering the network perspective side.

Aruba access points

Offering a versatile 802.11ax and 802.11ac portfolio, Aruba's simple, fast, and secure access points support a wide range of use cases and deployment needs. Boosting IT, user, and IoT experiences, our APs rise to meet today's most challenging Wi-Fi use cases.

Aruba ClearPass

By applying real-time policies for how users and devices connect and what they can access, Aruba ClearPass helps customers secure their network. Combining ClearPass with Aruba UXI provides a complete understanding and control of network health and security.

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