HPE Aruba Networking Installer mobile app

Simple, secure, and intuitive workflows that empower non-IT personnel to bring up an entire site effortlessly.

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Empower non-IT staff to instantly onboard networks of any size with zero touch provisioning

HPE Aruba Networking Installer mobile app on a phone

Seamless network setup in seconds

Installer logs in, selects a site, scans device serial numbers, powers up the device. The device then establishes connectivity to HPE Aruba Networking Central. This rapid deployment process boosts IT efficiency, providing real-time reporting to network admins.

Person holding phone with SMS OTP verification

Enhanced security with controlled user access

Network admins invite trusted resources or third-party installers to perform site deployments. Access and privileges are authorized, ensuring controlled deployments.

Inbuilt validations to authenticate a device

Embedded checks aid in validating devices before onboarding to Central, mitigating deployment errors and potential mishaps.

Admin is relaxed, and monitoring if installation is happening smoothly

Remote oversight with Central integration

The admin assigns deployments to trusted sources, monitoring site installation remotely via Central, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced oversight throughout the process.

Manage site installations with ease

Streamline network device installation using a single app, ensuring security, simplicity, and minimal oversight, while facilitating easy monitoring and tracking of process.

Fast, secure, error-free deployments

Unified workflows with zero touch provisioning of network devices and built in validations for fast deployments.

Integration with Central

Automate device configuration directly from Central, minimizing concurrent collaboration between administrators and installers.

Facilitates one-touch provisioning of CX switches

Facilitate the initial setup of CX switches lacking an IP address, enabling network access and communication with Central.

Device replacement support

Seamlessly replace devices: open replacement tab, select faulty device, scan new device, and finish replacement.

Hand holding mobile phone with home screen of Installer app

Mobile installer app workflow

Authenticate via SMS or QR code, deploy with ZTP for easy installation, provision AOS-CX switches with one touch, and replace devices with ease in just a few clicks.

Screenshot of the install manager

Install manager workflow

As an admin, manage installers in Central, add them via SMS/QR code, assign sites, permissions, and validity. Groups are assigned to sites so that group level configuration can be pushed whenever devices are active. Admins can even track progress from the Installer Manager.

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