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Aruba’s switching software simplifies network operations by delivering automation, distributed analytics, security and high availability to campus and data center networks. Further value comes from policy-driven segmentation and AI-powered capabilities.


AOS-CX: Cloud-native and fully programmable.

Aruba’s modern operating system is built on a microservices architecture to automate and simplify IT operations. AOS-CX also delivers network-wide analytics and full programmability to enable complete network assurance.
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Transforming networking from the edge to the core


Secure and simplified access for users and IoT.

Aruba Dynamic Segmentation simplifies and enhances security by eliminating manual configuration of VLANs and access lists. Appropriate access and security policies are dynamically applied and enforced across wired and Wi-Fi for users and IoT.
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Aruba Network Analytics Engine for accelerated troubleshooting.

Aruba’s Network Analytics Engine (NAE) automatically interrogates and analyzes any event that impacts a network’s health. Distributed analytics provide unprecedented visibility into issues, with guided troubleshooting for rapid resolution. 
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Aruba NetEdit for error-free network configuration.

Empowers IT teams to orchestrate configuration changes across multiple switches using intelligent automation and analytics, ensuring service rollouts are consistent, conformant and error-free.
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High availability and zero-downtime upgrades.

Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) provides a redundant architecture in both hardware and software to ensure no downtime—even during upgrades—across campus and data center networks.
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Try AOS-CX with Open Virtual Appliance (OVA).

The latest version of AOS-CX Simulation software is available for personal and training use. Simulate network scenarios using Aruba’s revolutionary switching OS. Explore the Support Portal and try the AOS-CX OVA.
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