Aruba User Experience Insight

Aruba User Experience Insight (formerly Service Assurance) provides mobile user application assurance and rapid troubleshooting through easy to deploy sensors that continuously perform user-centric application testing. A simple cloud-based dashboard displays actionable network insights that are easy to understand.
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Remotely troubleshoot Wi-Fi & improve user experience.

Aruba User Experience Insight provides user-centric Wi-Fi and application assessments – helping to identify issues before users do.
See how Aruba is providing a new approach to analytics and assurance

A simpler way to test Wi-Fi and application performance.

Find issues before users complain. Save the day.

Understanding end user experience just got easier – whether you’re an onsite WLAN expert or not.

Seeing the health of your network from your users' perspective doesn't have to be rocket science. An easy to use dashboard provides you with the information you need when you need it. See examples in the animations below.


Onsite. Nonstop.

Can you afford to place a network engineer and a laptop onsite next to your employees or customers? Probably not. But you can deploy User Experience Insight Sensors. Even better, they work 24/7 and don’t take coffee breaks.
These sensors can be deployed anywhere


A user-centric approach to analytics and assurance.

Gain visibility into what your users are experiencing to proactively identify Wi-Fi and application access issues before they impact the business.
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