Aruba Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance

Deploy enterprise WLANs on existing virtualization infrastructure.

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  • The Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance (VMC) running ArubaOS delivers industry leading campus network services that include secure role-based and application specific (AppRF) traffic controls as well as simple-to-use configuration tools. The VMC also features integrated web content filtering with WebCC and secure VPN services with VIA, IAP-VPN, and Remote APs.

    As part of a controller cluster managed by Aruba's Mobility Master, the VMC takes advantage of the full ArubaOS feature set, including AI-powered AirMatch, live firmware upgrades, dynamic licensing pools, and secure multi-tenant SSID segmentation (MultiZone).

    With support for up to 1,000 APs, the VMC leverages existing virtual environments, including VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and open-source KVM for maximum flexibility.

    • Support for the latest wireless standards

      Aruba's wireless technologies ensure your network is upgradeable to 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), WPA3, and Enhanced Open to meet today's emerging network performance and use cases.
    • Simple deployment for virtualization environments

      Easily spin up and manage a Mobility Controller using your existing infrastructure and centralized Mobility Master appliance.

    • Automated controls for improved user experiences

      AI-powered AirMatch technology automates RF optimization to adapt to changing network environments. Features such as support for northbound APIs and AppRF customization deliver simple-to-use IT features that make operations seamless.
    • Models and Capacity
      Maximum AP count10502501,000
      Maximum client counts2568004,00016,000
      • Note: The Mobility Controller VA can be scaled by installing multiple instances of MC-VA-1K.
        • 4x instances of MC-VA-1K install can scale up to 4,000 APs and 64,000 clients
        • 6x instances of MC-VA-1K install can scale up to 6,000 APs and 96,000 clients
    • Service and Warranty
      • Software: 90 days, can be extended with support contract

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