Network Management and Operations

Simple to use deployment, management and orchestration tools designed for all of your network infrastructure and operations via modern cloud or on-premises software. Includes AIOps full-service AI Insights, alerts and the reports needed to keep any environment running at its best.


    What is cloud networking?

    Cloud networking is an architecture that provides greater flexibility and scale for all network operations. It is the modern way for IT teams who are deploying new services and infrastructure to meet evolving business needs – all with reduced overhead.
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    Aruba Central: Single pane of glass management.

    Combining the best of traditional network management, AIOps, experience monitoring and device security, Aruba Central enables you to manage WLAN, switching, SD-WAN, and VPN services using cloud, on-premises or as-a-Service options.
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    Improve work from home connectivity in the new hybrid workplace.

    By using Aruba as your edge-to-cloud platform, securely deliver applications and spin up new services like contact tracing on demand. In times of uncertainty, keeping users connected is critical – and every minute counts.
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    Manage multi-vendor network infrastructure.

    Aruba AirWave lets you manage and optimize your network with the flexibility to efficiently make changes and troubleshoot any issue. It also helps you manage multi-vendor wired and wireless LAN alongside Aruba networks.
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    Seamlessly access applications hosted in Azure or AWS.

    Using Aruba Central’s cloud connect and orchestration services, enable simple and secure connectivity to workloads hosted in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud locations.
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    Aruba AIOps for automated IT intelligence.

    Full-service AI Insights that gather data from APs, switches, and gateways so that you can solve problems and optimize the user experience before problems occur.
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  • AI-Powered Network Analytics and Assurance

    Identify and resolve network problems before they impact your users by using rich AI Insights that continuously monitor the network and point out what to fix.
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    Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

    Simplify and secure distributed enterprise locations using hybrid WAN infrastructure. Utilizing Aruba Central as the cloud-native platform, optimize the entire branch experience.
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    ClearPass Device Insight

    With Aruba ClearPass, utilize cloud-native machine learning capabilities to automatically profile client devices with no IT intervention required.
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    Cloud-managed Networking

    For midsize businesses, it’s time to think differently about how you manage your network.
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    Aruba Central Simplifies Network Operations and Assurance

    Aruba’s cloud-based network management utility leaps ahead with all-in-one networking capabilities across WLAN, switching, and SD-WAN.
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    Aruba Central: Secure by Design

    Learn how the design and operations of Aruba Central assures strong security in a multi-tenant-capable cloud service.
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    Aruba Central: Data Security

    Learn how Aruba Central ensures data shecurity in a cloud-based, multi-tenant-capable environment.
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    Cloud Security Alliance Security Assessment

    Learn about Aruba’s commitment to delivering a secure cloud-native platform your business can rely on with this checklist of capabilities.
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