Multi-gigabit Ethernet

HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit Ethernet technology paves the way for 802.11ac Wave 2 and beyond by delivering blazing fast connectivity and PoE power using existing campus cabling.


Futureproof your wired infrastructure.

The surge in mobile and IoT devices means that your wired network needs to handle higher capacity wireless technologies. HPE Smart Rate built into the Aruba 3810 and 5400R switches allows you to boost data rates while offering investment protection for those who want to futureproof their network infrastructure.
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Rev up your Wi-Fi.

Aruba's new 340 series APs, with their integrated HPE Smart Rate port uplink, deliver superb performance in high-density environments and add support for multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) and 4 Spatial Stream (4SS). Powered by ClientMatch technology, all devices have the fastest connection at all times, increasing network capacity and boosting network efficiency.
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Why is Multi-gigabit Ethernet important?

The digital workplace puts crushing demands on campus networks. Wireless is driving performance boosts with 802.11ac Wave 2, but now the wired network needs to help alleviate the strain. HPE Smart Rate saves the day by providing speed and power while using existing cabling, saving time and money.
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Why is everyone deploying 802.11ac now?

Get ready. Well over 1,000 models of mobile devices sold today are 802.11ac-certified and they’ll be connecting at a workplace near you. This has enterprises scrambling to futureproof their networks in preparation for the influx of 802.11ac devices.
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The digital workplace is coming to an office near you.

More collaborative workplaces, a surge in mobile and IoT devices, the increased speed of doing business on mobile, and the #GenMobile workforce all lead to the million-dollar question — is your IT infrastructure ready? See how Aruba’s mobile-first approach can get your network ready for the future.
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