Networking Standards and Industry Certifications

To support new and emerging requirements for mobile, IoT, and wired connectivity, a majority of the networking industry – composed of member companies that manufacture devices, chipsets, and infrastructure – design products that undergo certification based on industry standards.


    The value of certifications.

    Many enterprise, operator, and consumer networking products adhere to industry standards by undergoing certification. Through rigorous testing by 3rd party labs, Aruba’s products are validated for interoperability and feature compatibility.
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    6GHz and Wi-Fi 6E.

    The Wi-Fi 6 standard delivers innovative new wireless technologies to support amazing new performance and efficiency benchmarks. As an enhancement to Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E expands access to the underutilized 6GHz band.
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    Securing the future of Wi-Fi.

    Learn about the technology behind WPA3 and Enhanced Open from their creator.
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    Multi-gigabit wireless backhaul with 802.11ad.

    Operating on 60GHz point to point enables organizations to deliver cost-effective wireless backhaul for networks in adjacent buildings or temporary on-site locations.
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    Bluetooth 5 and Zigbee.

    Start converging IoT devices that use the latest Bluetooth, Zigbee – and even third-party radios – onto IP networks using Aruba APs as an IoT platform.
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    802.3bz and 802.3bt.

    IEEE 802.3bz delivers multi-gigabit Ethernet speeds while 802.3bt delivers high power PoE for next-generation devices. 
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