Turbocharge your network with Aruba Central and ArubaOS 10

Meet ArubaOS 10 (AOS 10), the next-generation distributed operating system for Aruba Central-managed access points and gateways. Unlock more scale, security, and AI-powered optimization at no additional cost.

Webinar: HPE Aruba Networking Central, meet ArubaOS 10

Get ahead and stay ahead with AOS 10.

Whether you run a small office, a mid-size company, or a large enterprise, digital acceleration requires you to deliver new, flexible services and adopt new technologies to keep pace and be ready for the future.

Support more users and devices

AOS 10 enables higher roaming domain limits for your Wi-Fi, supporting up to 16,000 APs per cluster—with multiple clusters supported.

Get things done, faster and easier

AOS 10 utilizes AI-powered AirMatch to optimize daily Wi-Fi experience, and an IoT transport service to converge workplace infrastructure.

Productivity without the downtime

AOS 10 supports live, in-service upgrades to perform network maintenance without impacting end-user connectivity.

Power up your network for what comes next

As part of Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) architecture, Aruba Central with AOS 10 delivers cloud-native management and control services across wired, wireless, and WAN via a single console.

Upgrade existing infrastructure at no additional cost

Upgrade existing infrastructure at no additional cost

AOS 10 upgrades are included with an active Aruba Central Foundation or Advanced license. Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 5 (Wave 2), and gateway hardware are supported.

Optimize RF with AI power

Optimize RF with AI power

AirMatch, a machine learning-based feature, proactively adjusts RF settings to boost performance and minimize interference—best of all, its fully cloud-managed.

Enable SD-Branch capabilities for every AP

Enable SD-Branch capabilities for every AP

When assigned to a Microbranch AP group, AOS 10 APs optimize and control WAN, LAN, and cloud security services.

Converge IoT services over WLAN

Converge IoT services over WLAN

Reduce infrastructure overlays by transporting IoT data to and from ecosystem partners using AOS 10 APs.

Simplify Gateway deployments (Tunnel or Mixed mode)

Simplify Gateway deployments (Tunnel or Mixed mode)

AP-only and Gateway-based WLAN deployments are all managed under Aruba Central, streamlining orchestration of enterprise networks.

What is AOS 10?

AOS 10 is the Aruba Central distributed operating system that controls Aruba access points (APs) and optional gateways. In tandem with cloud-native Aruba Central, AOS 10 provides WLAN management and control to deliver greater scalability, security, and AI-powered optimization.

How is AOS 10 different from InstantOS 8?

  • AOS 10 supports Bridge Mode and introduces Tunnel and Mixed Mode—bringing higher scale and security to cloud Wi-Fi.
  • AOS 10 integrates SD-Branch and Microbranch functionality—extending networks from campus to branch and home offices.
  • New key capabilities only available in AOS 10 are Live Upgrades, AirMatch, and IoT Operations dashboard.

Which devices can run AOS 10?

  • 3xx Series APs
  • 5xx Series APs
  • 63x and 65x Series APs (61x Series APs coming soon)
  • 7xxx Series Gateways
  • 9xxx Series Gateways 

Upgrade to AOS 10 and accelerate what comes next

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Turbocharge your network with Aruba Central and AOS 10 at no added cost

More scalability. More security. More AI-powered optimization.
AOS 10 supercharges your cloud-native Aruba Central to do more.